Heard of the folding knife? Of course, we all did. They are almost like a daily-life kit we use. But, did you felt that you should always carry a folding knife with you? Not only in hunting but also everywhere you go.

Wondering why? We will tell you.

What’s A Folding Knife- the Anatomy

I know you are quite familiar with knives. But is a case of specific details of a folding knife, you have to observe it from a unique angle.

Here are the basic parts of a folding knife-

The Sharp End The Dull End
1. The point. 1. Guard
2. Edge. 2. Joint
3. Swedge. 3. Spine
4. Bevel. 4. Liner
5. Backside. 5. Lock
6. Front. 6. Pocket clip.
7. Choil. 7. Lanyard hole.
8. Jimping.
9. Ricasso.
10. Chiol.
11. Flipper.
folding knife

7 Reasons for Why You Should Carry a Folding Knife

AS you know, this is the main section of this article. Here are the top reasons that we found people like and you and me carrying a folding knife with us-

1. It is Folding, and It Means This

The very first virtue of a folding knife is, as we expect, it folds. So, no matter if we talk about safety or carry ability, they will give you some extra perks of being foldable.

2. They are Easy to Pick and Carry

They are easy to pick and carry. As they can fold, you can literally minimize the carrying space into half of it, anytime, anywhere. That makes it possible to take in the backpack, traveler’s kit box, hunter’s toolbox and even in the pocket.

3. A Friend of Daily Life

They are too many daily uses. No matter you have to cut a rope into two or divide the slice of a wooden piece, this would be a friend to you. So, homemakers and family men- everyone would find it helpful.

4. A folding Knife is A Handyman’s Kit

It’s a handyman’s kit. If you’re up to handyman professions like electricians. Plumbers and any else type, you can’t deny the essence of a folding knife in the pocket. Starting to cut the wire to hold down a pipe in its position, they can give you a hand and make your job easier.

5. An Insurance to Safety

They are one kind of safety insurance. In urban lives, there are risks to your life in every corner of the city. If you know what I mean, you can already feel it’s importance.

6. It Can Be of Aggressive Use when Necessary

Some of the folding knives have a few aggressive features. So, in case of hunting and backpacking, they can be a tool to make your task easier.

7. A Tool for Multiple Purposes

It’s a good features tool to serve a number of purposes. So, in an overall sense, they deserve to be a part of your everyday life.

folding knife

A Few Safety Factors to Remember

It’s good if you’ve decided to take a folding knife folding knife wrong with you. But as they are not just a toy, you have to well aware of the negate facts that come with it.

Here are a few important safety factors that you should be aware of in case of a folding knife-

  • It’s not a toy, it’s a tool. So, a few things are strictly forbidden to do. As an example, throwing it out without knowing how to do it, using a dirty or dull lade, carrying a folding knife with keeping the blades open, and much more.
  • Keep the blade and the handle sharp and clean. Don’t let the grease or dirt to effect on its performance. A light grease on the handle can cause a deadly accident with it.
  • Another tip is to pick the right blade for the knife. It affects negatively in both performance and the safety concern if you do otherwise.
  • Keep a sharpening stone when you are in hunting with a folding knife.
folding knife

The Bottom Line

You can already see why a folding knife has become so popular tools to people of every sphere of life. Since it had been an evolution of ages, there had been significant changes in the design and functionalities.

If you made a decision to buy one, then you need to know some more facts. Three steps to buy a perfect pick are-

1. To understand your essence.
2. To consider the buying factors (including price).
3. To buy it from a reputed manufacturer.

That’s all from here. See you soon in another blog.


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