Owning a knife is rather awesome. It can be used as a self-defense weapon and it can also be used for many outdoor activities including cutting through meat, camping and setting up a tent. In case you want to enjoy a great knife, choose the best pocket hunting knife. Here are the top 10 best pocket hunting knives to go with.

Top 10 Best Pocket Hunting Knives

Our list of the top 10 best pocket hunting knives has been compiled by knife experts. We looked through the best sellers. We also took into account the customer reviews. Again we checked the star ratings for ever knife and above all, we looked at the relevance of use. But that’s not the best part; just so you know, we tried out every knife. We have provided excellent reviews for over 20 years now. Take a look and choose your best pocket hunting knife.

TitlePrice Review
1. Harnds Folding Hunting KnifeCheck Latest PriceRead Review
2. Buck Knives 110 Folding Hunter KnifeCheck Latest PriceRead Review
3. Spyderco Tenacious Plain Edge Knife Check Latest Price Read Review
4. STEC 10.5″ Heavy Huge Hunting KnifeCheck Latest PriceRead Review
5. Flip Tactical Hunting Pocket KnifeCheck Latest PriceRead Review
6. Benchmade – Mini Pocket Folding KnifeCheck Latest PriceRead Review
7. CIMA One hand open Tactical KnifeCheck Latest PriceRead Review
8. Kershaw Ken Onion Blur Pocket KnifeCheck Latest PriceRead Review
9. WHX Tactical Folding Hunting KnifeCheck Latest PriceRead Review
10. OutFans Pocket Folding Hunting KnifeCheck Latest PriceRead Review

1. Harnds Folding Hunting Knife (4.2″ Blade Military-Grade))

best pocket hunting knife

Harnds is a respected Chinese based knife manufacturer. They are known for their highly versatile products. The Hands Folding Hunting Knife (4.2″ Blade Military-Grade) is their latest addition to the great viper design that has enjoyed some of the best reviews all over the world.

Smooth One Hand Deployment

This new brand offers a smooth one-hand deployment for outdoor survival. It is good for pitching tents, outdoor tasks, fishing, slicing through meat, camping, and as an Every Day Carry.

Superior Strength, Speed, Safety, And Durability

The Harnds Folding Hunting Knife offers superior strength, speed, safety, and high style durability. This allows you to enjoy the value for your money.

Liner Lock System And Lockback System

It comes with a Liner lock system and locks back system to provide double guarantee and safety. Few best hunting folding knives would measure up to these options.

Double-Thumb Stud And Clip

The knife has an ambidextrous slotted double-thumb stud. It also comes complete with a pocket clip. This offers easy and safe carrying.

Serrated & Stainless Steel Coating

It’s 4.2″ blade is a half serrated blade made of 9Cr18MoV black stainless steel and titanium carbonitride coating for maximum durability.

Chequered G10 Handle and Ideal Size

It comes with a chequered G10 handle with black and red, large finger grooves for ideal grip. There is no doubt that at an overall length of 9.6 inches, 5.4 inches when closed, and 4.2 inches blade the Harnds Folding Hunting Knife is an awesome hunting knife for you too.

Light in Weigh with Sheath

It weighs 11.3 ounces and includes a wear resistance Nylon Sheath that you could easily use for transportation on your belt or in a bag.

  • Ultra-Sharp Half-Serrated Blade.
  • Lightweight.
  • Compact Liner Lock.
  • Needs routine sharpening.
  • Must be dried before keeping.

2. Buck Knives 110 Folding Hunter Knife with Leather Sheath

best pocket hunting knife

Buck is based between the US and China. It is regarded as a classic knife brand. It produces some of the best hunting pocket knives with fixed blades and folding blades. It is because of their Model 110 folding hunter that Buck rocked the charts.

Razor Sharp Clip Point

The Buck Knives 110 Folding Hunter Knife boasts a razor sharp clip point 3-3/4″ blade. This is usually for easy piercing and cutting.

420HC Stainless Steel Clip Blade

It is made of 420HC Stainless Steel Clip Blade and has an excellent strength. It also enjoys awesome edge retention and is highly corrosion resistant.

Detailed Work and Easy to Open

If you require detail work, piercing and slicing Buck Hunting Knife will offer you all these. It has a nail notch on is blade that makes it really easy to open.

Lockback Safety Technology

It also enjoys Lockback mechanism that prevents the blade from opening accidentally. This is an ideal safety precaution.

Ideal Length, Size, Weight

At closed length, the Buck Knives 110 Folding Hunter Knife measures 4-7/8″ and weighs just around 7.2 oz. It has a classic Walnut Handle / Brass Bolsters that provide a perfect combination of beauty, style, and balance.

Ideal Carrier Sheath

It’s Genuine Leather Sheath has a Snap Fastener with a belt loop allows for safe, easy access, and secure carry on. Indeed Buck has brought the perfect hunting companion in the 110.

  • Easy to carry
  • Lockback system
  • Durable blade
  • Requires sharpening
  • Must be stored when dry

3. Spyderco Tenacious Plain Edge Pocket Knife

best pocket hunting knife

STEC has been at the forefront in the production of some quality stainless steel hunting knives. From the spring assisted knives to ball bearing and folding cleavers, this company has been a force to reckon with in quality pocket folding knives.

High Affordability

The STEC 10.5″ is one of their custom designs for fairly affordable pricing. At less than 50 USD this best folding knife is easy to open with only one hand.

Weight Reduction Options

The handle also features a number of weight reduction apertures. You could trim down the screws, remove a few parts and have a lightweight knife.

440 Stainless Steel Blade

The STEC 10.5″ comes with a 440 stainless steel blade that has a length or 4.5 inches and an overall length of 10.5″ when fully opened. It is simple and yet tenacious. The one reason it makes the cut in this list too.

Highly Tenacious

However, its pricing is also ideal for those who want something simple but sturdy to use if they every find themselves at a picnic table, a kitchen table, or a butcher’s table with the beast, fish, or fowl to pare down! The STEC 10.5″ is simply bad to the bone!

  • Stainless steel blade
  • Highly affordable
  • Easy folding cleaver
  • No sheath
  • Slightly heavy

4. STEC 10.5″ Heavy Huge Stainless Steel Tactical Hunting Knife

best pocket hunting knife

The one thing that brings Spyderco Tenacious to the list is the high-end experience of its manufacturers. The company has been in existence since the mid-seventies. Over time the brand has evolved and become one of the household names in Colorado and over the US.

The Spyder-hole Trademark

Like many of its brands, the Spyderco Tenacious is a folding knife. It trades on the “spyder-hole” trademark that offers a one handed opening system.

G-10 Laminate Handle

The Spyderco Tenacious is tough and tireless just like the name suggest. In short, it will not relent until the job is done. It has a black G-10 laminate handle. The handle is milled with prolonged fatigue-free cutting grip.

Steel Liners on Handle

It also has a tucked in skeletonized steel liners that increase the handle’s rigidity and strength.

8Cr13Mov Stainless Blade

The Spyderco Tenacious boasts of an 8Cr13Mov stainless blade. The blade is leaf-shaped and ground flat from spine to cutting edge. This increases the overall cutting performance.

A Slip-proof Grip

The blade’s shape is coupled with oversized Spyderco Round Hole. This allows you to open the blade and hold it with a slip-proof confidence when working.

Linerlock Technology

Tenacious is one of the best hunting knives and comes with a Linerlock (with jimped liner). It has a 4-way pocket clip that allows you to set your carry and draw preferences. This is often a signature buy.

  • Easy to use
  • Solid grip
  • Liner lock system
  • Routine maintenance
  • Sharpening on regular basis

5. Flip Tactical Hunting Pocket Knife for Survival and Camping

Flip Tactical Hunting Pocket Knife is manufactured by Bunny Punch in the US. This company is known for style, taste, and class. Its products come with some of the best tactical technologies making them the best folding knives that we have today.

Spring Assisted Technology

The Flip Tactical Hunting Pocket Knife, Spring Assisted technology for SafeSpeed opening.

Rapid One Hand Deployment

It offers a Rapid One Hand Deployment which is great for hunting, camping needs, and wood carving. This is your perfect everyday rescue knife.

Stainless Steel Blade

It is a great addition to a trade’s person tools and also a camper’s equipment. It has a stainless steel blade with a hardness of 58-59 that offers maximum durability and bars any form of corrosion.

Light in Weight/ Easy to Carry

It is easy to carry around. It comes with ambidextrous clips that allow it to sit pretty in your pocket or boot.

Durable Serrated Edge

The best part is that it has a serrated edge, glass breaker, and cord cutter that gives it a unique touch.

If you want an ECD pocket knife for boning a fish during your camping spree, the Bunny Punch Flip Tactical Hunting Pocket Knife is here for you.

  • Stainless steel blade
  • Serrated edge
  • Spring assisted technology
  • No Sheath
  • Frequent sharpening

6. Benchmade – Mini Griptilian 556 Pocket Folding Knife

best pocket hunting knife

If there is a company that for over three decades have concentrated in manufacturing some of the best folding knives it is Benchmade. Based in Oregon the company has faced Every Day Carry knives with the utmost quality that the industry deserves. Their knives are somewhat pricey but quality will surely come at a price.

Stainless Steel Blade

The Mini Griptilian 556 is one of their best brands. At only 154 CM of stainless steel blade the 556 offers high style rust resistant blade that’s tough and tactical for outdoor activities always.

Glass-Filled Nylon Handle and Axis Lock

It boasts a glass-filled nylon handle that is tough and yet very attractive. The Mini Griptilian 556 enjoys a rare AXIS lock system. This offers it’s maximum flexibility and ideal safety when in use.

One Hand Open Closing System

The best part is that the knife can be opened and closed single-handedly. It is also smaller, lighter in design, and with a handle grip that makes it comfortable to hold. It comes with a versatile pocket clip.

Drop-Point Utility Blade

The Mini Griptilian 556’s drop-point utility blade style offers the knife an all-around functionality that makes it ideal for everyday use and more specifically outdoor uses such as hunting too.

  • Has a G10 upgrade system
  • Has a stainless steel blade
  • Has a versatile tip
  • Needs professional sharpening
  • Used with manufacturer’s manual

7. CIMA One hand open Tactical Folding Knife

best pocket hunting knife

For a new brand in the folding knives market, this Chinese based company has made ideal strides. In their One Hand Open Tactical Folding Knife, CIMA has offered the modest specifications knives, pricing and high-end designs to their lovers.

Quick One Handed Open Technology

In this one hand open hunting folding knife you will easily enjoy a compact fold on your knife. The knife offers a Quick One Handed Open technology that offers safe speed opening and use.

5CR15MOV Stainless Steel

The One Hand Open Tactical Folding Knife boasts of a 5CR15MOV stainless steel blade with awesome durability.

Surface Depth Heat Treatment

It also has a surface depth heat treatment that prevents it from corrosion.

Increase Of The Force Area

At the top part of the blade sits a small cylinder that you can easily access to increase the thumb of the force area.

G10 Handle

The handle is easy to use G10 handle like the Benchmade Griptilian. It also has a clip and comes with a nylon sheath.

Ideal Size & Weight

When opened the blade measures just about 3.26 inches while the knife stretches out to a whooping 7.87 inches long. It’s net weight when we measured lay at 169 grams.

  • Stainless steel blade
  • Surface depth heat treatment
  • One hand open technology
  • Nylon sheath
  • Frequent sharpening

8. Kershaw Ken Onion Blur Pocket Folding Knife

best pocket hunting knife

Kershaw is the jack of all trades when it comes to knives – just saying! The brand boasts a wide range of products including flippers and automatics. Like Benchmade and Spydecro the company is known for quality with every design that falls under their brands.

SpeedSafe Assisted Opening Technology

The Kershaw Ken Onion Bluris one of their many household brands. The brand is one of the best pocket knives. It has a SpeedSafe assisted opening technology that comes with an Inset liner lock.

Thumb stud Reversible Clip

This pocket knife also boats of a thumb stud reversible – tip-up/tip-down – pocket clip for easy carry.

Serrated Steel Coating

In addition to that, it is highly durable and is forged from a Sandvik 14C28N DLC serrated steel coating with 6061-T6 anodized aluminum handle.

Ideal Size and Weight

The blade length is ideal for outdoor activities such as camping, fishing, and carving wood. It measures 3.4 in. (8.6 cm) and when closed sits at 4.5 in. (11.4 cm). In overall the length measures 7.9 in. (20 cm) thus giving this tactical knife a weight of about 3.9 oz. (110.5 g).

  • Durable steel blade
  • Thumstud reversible pocket clip
  • SafeSpeed Inset liner lock
  • Frequent professional sharpening
  • Maximum attention to user manual

9. WHX Tactical Folding Hunting Knife with Safe Locking

best pocket hunting knife

Based in the US the WHX knife manufacturing company is known for superior hunting knives models. They have worked so hard to produce some of the best-fixed blade and folding blade hunting knives throughout the US.Kershaw is the jack of all trades when it comes to knives – just saying! The brand boasts a wide range of products including flippers and automatics. Like Benchmade and Spydecro the company is known for quality with every design that falls under their brands.

Easy Folding with Liner Lock

For their WHX Tactical Folding Hunting Knife brand, any user will enjoy awesome folding hunting knife with emergency hammer and seatbelt cutter function. It also comes with a Liner Lock for maximum safety when in use.

Metal Clip Buckle

The Folding Knife’s Solid locking mechanism keeps you safe when carrying your knife in the pocket. The knife is very portable and has a Metal Clip Buckle that you can easily use to hand the knife along the belt.

Serrated Stainless Steel Blade

With partly serrated and partly stainless steel blade the WHX folding knife is a great device for outdoor camping, hunting, and fishing activities.

Ideal Size and Weight

Its total length is 20.5cm / 8.07 inches with a blade length of 8.5cm / 3.35 inches and a light weight of about161g / 5.7 oz.

  • Easy fold
  • High durability
  • Metal clip buckle
  • User manual always
  • Nylon sheath

10. OutFans Pocket Folding Hunting Knife

best pocket hunting knife

OutFans might come as a surprise for you but believe it when it comes to simplicity with style this knife based company might as well take the trophy home. It has an antique design that gives it a simple but yet striking outlook.

Sharp Stainless Steel Blade

For the OutFans Pocket Folding Hunting Knife, this model like the syderco boasts a sharp stainless steel blade. The blade has a polished clip point made of sturdy 5CR15MOV steel with a hardness of about 59HRC. This offers the knife absolute durability.

Resistant to Corrosion and Simple Design

The best part is that this knife is wear-resistant and corrosion resistant. To add simplicity to style the OutFans Pocket Folding Hunting Knife a handle made of solid rosewood but with an exquisite and distinct grain leaving it looking beautifully unique.

Built-In Multilayer Copper

This is one of the best hunting knives. It features a built-in multilayer copper packing with no redundant space. The knife is ideal for outdoor hunting, camping, climbing, and trekking.

Ideal Size and Weight

It has an overall length of 5.9″/150mm, a cutting length blade of 2.28″/58mm, and a gross weight of 0.26lb/120g.

  • Stainless steel
  • Easy fold
  • Light weight
  • No clip
  • No sheath

Folding Knife Safety Tips: Keep Safe When Using Your Best Pocket Hunting Knife

However, even the best pocket knife can be fatal if not used properly. To prevent injuries, here are some top knife safety tips that you must adhere to.

Cut on Stable Ground.

To prevent what you are cutting from slipping cut on a stable ground. Use a damp towel or rag under the cutting surface. This prevents the cutting board from moving and slipping.

Don’t Cut in Hands.

A little common sense goes a long way. Don’t always cut any type of food on your hand. It is advisable to use a chopping board always. You could easily miss food and cut your hand.

Work with the Light.

When using a knife always do so where there is enough lighting. It is important that you can see clearly what you are cutting and how you are cutting it. Never attempt a cut in less lit areas.

Follow User Tips.

The best folding knife usually comes with a user manual from the manufacturer. If you want your knife to perform efficiently and also not to endanger your life follow the manual.

Keep to Right Use.

A knife’s use is to cut. Not to open a bottle of wine. Always remember that! Use your knife for the right purposes. Not doing this could easily prove fatal if it backfires on you any day.

Carry Knife Right.

If you are at home use a knife holder to hold your knife. If you are out hunting fold the knife before setting it in the pocket. You can also carry it in the sheath when not in use always.

Don’t Use Rusty.

A rusty blade is the beginning of a fatal infection especially if the knife slips and slits though your hand. Therefore you should avoid using a rusty blade as much as you can.

Let the Knife Fall.

In case your knife slips from your hand – let it fall. Never attempt to catch a knife mid air. Step back – let it fall. Grabbing the knife mid air can easily prove fatal and endanger you.

Wash Knife Alone.

Don’t wash your best folding knife with the rest of the crockery clutter. This could easily cause banging and in turn, ruin the edge of the knife by causing dents. Therefore wash it alone.

Seek Medical Help.

In case you get wounded or sustain a cut seek medical attention immediately. The doctor will give you a tetanus shot. They could also arrest much damage if the injury is huge.

Knife lacerations have been reported to make up at least 42% of hand injuries annually in our hospitals emergency departments. It is therefore important that you keep to the safety rules to enjoy the use of your knife.

How to Choose the Best Pocket Hunting Knife

If you want the best pocket knife for your use to remember the following tips. If you follow them correctly you will land the best tactical pocket knife for your hunting needs.

How to Carry the Knife

This consideration is vital. If you will carry your hunting knife in the pocket think about the pocket type and choose the ideal knife. If it’s along the belt go for a knife with sheath. A Swiss knife won’t have a clip meaning a deep secure pocket will do. Lastly, remember the position of the clip and if you want it to ride tip up or tip down.

To Fold or Not to Fold

Spydecro allows you to reposition clips and better still it allows you to fold or not to fold your best folding knife. This is a great option if you are looking for safety. Locking a pocket knife blade prevents it from being forced back into your hands. This is especially true for knives that are used for hard jobs including those used for hunting options.

What Size Do You Want

Size matters. This is not a lie! A longer blade does more and it does it faster. However, local regulations could limit blade lengths. In Chicago, for instance, you won’t go beyond 2.5 inches. Even so finding the right blade size for your needs will be very important. This is very true for specific knife uses such as those that come with hard jobs.

Get the Right Blade Type

I will talk about blade types – right after this! But, the most important thing to know is that blade types will determine the type of cut and also the performance of the knife. They influence the cut and also the piercing.

The Price of the Knife

When it comes to choosing your knife you should have a budget. Additionally, you should compare your budget to the price of your best hunting pocket knife. This is important as you don’t want to spend more or get a raw deal. Indeed the price will also determine how far you could stretch your pocket.

Know Your Knife Needs

Even if you want a good knife for hunting, self-defense, or the home use, the truth is a poor quality knife will only prove dangerous. Therefore it’s important to realize the difference between collector knives and knives for tasks – knowing your needs will help. Just remember collector knives are for display purposes only and should never be used for cutting anything.

Having a rough idea of what to look at before buying a knife is really important. While many of these options are easy to understand, the blade types are often complex and require a deeper explanation. Let’s take a look at what the blade types entail.

The Top Blade Types for Your Best Pocket Hunting Knife

When it comes to buying the best pocket hunting knife a lot of things matter. The type of blade also matters. It actually affects how sturdy the knife is, how it slices and its overall performance etc. Here are some of the best blade types that you will find the best pocket knives today.

Clip Point Blade: This is a good all-rounder. It has an upswept edge. It is good for slicing in large chunks of meat. The narrow and strong point makes it easy for quick, easy, penetration. It is very ideal for the best hunting knife.

Drop Point Blade: This is the most versatile blade available. It also has an upswept edge that makes slicing easy. The point is strong for piercing but unlike clip points, the drop point blade has a flat/high grind, which for high performance.

Tanto Point Blade: This comes with a strong and reinforced tip. It is designed for easy penetration at the expense of cutting performance. It is not quite ideal for a hunting knife but I it still works! And it’s awesome with antique design.

Spear Point Blade: This type of blade is equally designed for penetration. However, it retains the drop point’s “belly” for decent slicing and high performance. It looks like a spear. And it slices with a lot of easy. This is another great option for the best folding knife.

Spey-Point Blade: I saved this for last because it is specifically designed to spay animals (seriously). In fact, this shape is now found on many hunting folding knives. It usually sold to hunters and believe it or not it’s great for skinning.

If you are choosing the best hunting knives just remember that the blade type plays a key role. Blade types most specifically will determine the cutting performance and piercing ability. Blades have different types of grinds. They include flat, taper, hollow, convex, and chisel grinds.


Every time you use a knife there are a number of new things that you will find. They include different types of locks including liner, Lockback, frame, axis, and button. Additionally, you might realize that many people prefer plain edged knives as opposed to serrated knives today.

It doesn’t matter what you prefer. The most important thing is that you get the best pocket knife for your use. And just so you know the only reason people love plain edge knives is because they are easy to sharpen. Even so, who cares if you went to the Tanto Point Blade because it looks like a Samurai sword?

As long as you are enjoying any of these top 10 best-hunting knives it is okay!


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