Talk of a parent knife and tool manufacturing company and Boker Knives famously known as the Tree Brand automatically comes to mind.

The company has been in operation for over a century now. It is situated in Solingen, Germany and is known for some of the best automatics knives, spring assisted, and pocket-friendly folding knives designs.

If you want a brand that speaks for you, Boker Knives brand along your belt is a statement that no one forgets easily. Today, Boker Knives is popular for some of the most revolutionary knife designs including the canoe model, trapper, and the stockman.

One of Boker’s most famous designs is the Applegate-Fairbairn Combat Fighting Dagger. The company is known for some of the best precision blades, high power blades, and rugged designs.

There are no limits to what the company has done. And with its line of production now expanded to Argentina, France, and China, we are yet to see the best of the Tree Brand.

The company’s main focus is on quality manufacturing materials with state of the art blade finishes, tactical liner locking systems, and classical folding pocket knives designs.

If you want a “value-based” touch, Boker has these many options for you to choose from.

1. Boker Plus Trapper Knife

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Arguably one of the best sellers from Boker Knives, the Urban Trapper Knife is what you need if you are a new entrant to Boker Designs.

It has an extremely low profile and comes with a slim fit design for your pocket. The knife provides you with a solid grip on its G-10 refined handle design that comes with additional scales on a titanium frame for the one-touch grasp.

And that’s not all. You will also enjoy refined blade materials such as the VG-10 that makes its 31/2 inch stainless steel blade really versatile.

You can use the drop point blade to pierce, cut through, slice, or peel. Thanks to the IKBS hinge that makes the knife static and extremely strong.

This is one of the most innovative knives design for people who love a sensational appeal, fuller grip, and an easy to carry folder.

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2. Boker Rosewood Folding Knife

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With a design that only matches the superior folding pocket knives, the Boker’s Rosewood Handle Pocket Knifegives a durable first-time impression with its Cronidur 30 440C stainless steel blade.

The knife which boasts a stylish Grenadill wood handle with titanium finish is stout, sturdy and will easily sweep you off your feet with its precise handmade design.

It has a heavy touch irrespective of whether it comes in an SV30 or VG10 blade. Even better, it comes with a soft pouch sunglass holder that befits only a knife enthusiast, collector, or a hunter.

If you are in need of superior reliability in a folding hunting knife, this knife never disappoints at all.

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3. Boker Tree Brand Genuine Stockman Pocket Knife

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For knife enthusiasts looking to leave a lasting impression, the Genuine Stockman Pocket Knife is another great folding pocket knife design to choose from.

The knife’s firm grip handle is made out of genuine deer stag materials with Nickel Silver and is of the major patents that set Boker Knives apart.

Nonetheless, you will also love the 3-inch durable knife blade that’s forged from the Solingen C75 High Carbon Stainless Steel. It is easy to use, withstands extreme conditions, and extremely corrosions free.

Unlike many pocket knives that you will see, this one comes with a nice box that you can use to carry the blade. The knife’s design has for a very long time now made it one of the most collected pieces.

And if you have slightly below $100 to start your next knife collection or buy a gift for a loved one, the Genuine Stockman Pocket Knife would be your best springboard.

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4. Boker Subhilt Fixed Blade Fighting Knife

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If you are a law enforcement officer, military personnel, or a rescue team member, the rugged Subhilt Fighter Knife is what you need.

It’s quite affordable and boasts an extremely durable 440 C stainless steel blade with a black canvas micarta handle. You will, therefore, enjoy a versatile performance comprised with a formidable grip.

And the best part is this. The Subhilt Fighter Knife’s handle is fastened with durable stainless steel tubing that not only adds it a sleek design but also gives it a unique touch.

The grip also becomes more powerful due to its double edge thumb choil hooker and trust me no other knife design gives a formidable grasp like this sport like combat fixed blade knife from Boker.

In overall, the 7-inch knife blade weighs only 15 ounces and enjoys an ideal collector’s box carrier with a leather sheath to spice up your combat ride.

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5. Boker Damascus III Folding Knife

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The Damascus design series is the priciest of all the Boker Knives Designs. Even so, it’s worth every penny.

Forged from the back of the Legendary German Battle-tank (Leopard I) Barrel, the Damascus III Collection 42 knives for instance made with over 300 crafted layers.

It comes with a durable Damascus blade that you will actually enjoy much more than the knife’s rugged design. The blade is a high-performance blade with undisputable durable qualities that every knife lover yearns for.

The knife comes with a reversible clip that makes it extremely convenient and also very easy to carry around. There are never any disappointments with the one brand with over 145 years knifing experience.

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A top knifing experience is undisputable for both knife enthusiasts and knife collectors. The more satisfactory your experience is the better your personal touch with knives becomes. So don’t go for a slower tool. Choose a brand that sets the pace and makes you the best knifing breed.


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