Brous Knives is one of the most recent brands in the knifing industry. The company Brous Blades was founded by Jason Brous in Buellton, California, the USA in 2010 and has since concentrated in the production of premium, high end, and ultra-high-end best pocket knives blades.

Jason Brous was in his early 20’s when he first started the company. His inspiration was derived from a machining background that he had inherited from his father and grandfather who owned a machining shop that had primarily focused on the medical industry.

Having worked in the machining shop from an early age, Jason Brous realized the endless opportunities that the knife design had presented him with. His passion for knives took off as soon as he turned 18 and he chose to start the Brous Blade Inc soon after.

The most original knives from Brous Blades reflected the Bio-Mechanical Style; a unique knife design that combined the robotics and machines elements that Jason had discovered earlier due to his love for tattoos.

Because of the fantasy styles and the rather new bio-mechanical features, Brous Knives were able to draw a great deal of attention from the knives lovers and collectors. Brous best EDC, Tactical, and Exotic knives were however received with a lot of skepticism and Brous had to tone down on his use of fantasy and bio-mechanical touch.

Today the brand focuses more on clean and rather functional designs with a stylistic bio-mechanic touch. The high-quality blades from Brous are usually made of the D2 steel and some of the brand’s notable designs include the bionic flipper and the caliber flipper.

It is true that Brous blades are rather pricey, but they are never boring too. They are innovative in design and will easily stand out amongst your best collectibles.

Catch some of the “latest” best pocket knives from Brous in our sampled picks today!

1. Brous Reloader Aluminum Blade

Brous Knives

The Reloader is a top knife design that gives you a safe liner lock on a 3.75-inch black stonewashed blade.

The blade is highly durable as it is forged from a D2 steel alloy that’s known for its extreme strength and ruggedness.

However, it is the knife’s versatile tanto blade that sets it apart. It gives the knife top-notch efficiency and will leave you with an easy job when cutting, piercing, peeling, or sawing through.

It has an extended tang that offers it double flexibility and a lanyard hole that will work together with the non-slip sculptured handle made from a safe aluminum alloy.

Don’t worry about how to carry the knife around. When you buy it, the knife comes with a storage case.

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2. Brous The Sinner BRB77 Blade

Brous Knives

Apart from the Reloader, Brous gives you The Sinner; a rugged blade with an excellent edge orientation.

Forged from a D2 steel alloy too, the Sinner epitomizes strength, durability, and quality in a single blade.

It will give you a unique stonewash finish and a highly versatile drop point blade. The blade comes with a flipper that makes the knife very easy to operate even on one hand.

However, it is the knife’s ball bearing safe mechanism and the sturdy titanium frame weaved in carbon fiber scales that have helped the knife to win many hearts.

Today the latest design gives you a checkered back spacer made of titanium and a pocket clip that has a black titanium finish for easy carriage.

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3. Brous BRB 194 Virtue Linerlock Blade

Brous Knives

Almost like the very first two blades that we have seen, the BRB 194 also boats of a sturdy D2 steel blade that gives the knife a high style versatility and durability.

Of acute difference however is; the knife offers its users a thumb pull that makes it really ideal for quick deployment.

IUsing this spear point knife blade also offers you a fully extended tang. Believe it or not, this knife is one of the best sellers from Brous.

It comes with a pocket clip for easy carriage in the pocket and an additional hard case for the same purpose.

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4. Brous BRB214 Specter Framelock Blade

Brous Knives

Another top folding pocket knife from Brous that you can easily count on is the BRB214 folding blade.

The knife has a Specter frame lock that will give you the strength of a fixed blade once you choose to use this knife.

Additionally, you will also enjoy a simple design with a top finish too. The blade is made out of the D2 steel and comes with a signature blackout finish that extends through to the handle.

The knife has a jimping that will leave you with an excellent blade orientation and a highly dependable grip too.

You don’t have to wait to try this knife out. It is the very affordable performer that will easily give you the best start.

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5. Brous BRB 184 Hardwire Blackout Knife

Brous Knives

The BRB 184 closes out top latest pocket knives designs from Brous. It is a unique iconic knife with a blackout finish across its design.

The knife is a lifesaver and upon buying offers you a D2 durable steel blade alloy with a black stonewash finish.

Apart from that, the knife has the infamous G10 handle with blue and black inserts that give it a unique touch too.

The one thing I love the knife for is its spear point blade and the unique lanyard hole design across its stained blade.

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Other Top Knives from Brous

Brous Knives is known for quality and some of its best blades are really pricey. The Brous Dynamic Acid Frame Lock Knife, for instance, epitomizes strength, ease of deployment, and high performance.

The Strife, on the other hand, is a great collaboration of style, design, and stable handle design that comes with a carbon fiber scale and an acid stonewash finish.

And if you want a unique blade that offers the best liner lock system with a flipper for easy operation among the Brous blades, you can easily go for the Brous Exo Folding Knife.


Brous Knives are epic in style and design. You can also count on them as some of the best performers. If you want the best knife collection gallery, make sure you amp it up with a touch of Brous. Follow this link to learn more about other top knife brands that you can choose to use too.


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