Buck Knives was founded in California, USA in 1902 by a then apprentice blacksmith Hoyt H. Buck. However, the company officially began its operations after the war in San Diego. By 1942 Buck was producing knives for the U.S Military combat as a form of his contribution to the war.

The company has since then manufactured the iconic Buck knives blades such as the Buck 110 folding hunting knife. And for over a century now the company has remained in operation and carried on the tradition of high quality best folding hunting knives.

Today, Buck Knives is one of the foremost knife designers that we celebrate. Thanks to Buck’s family who chose to continue his work even after Buck’s death in 1949, thus making this brand a top rated one among the world’s best classic knife collection known for quality.

From the wooden antique handles to synthetic grips the term “buck knife” has become so synonymous with a durable and also well-crafted design that precedes its quality reputation and the ability to withstand the rigorous state of the versatile hunting grounds.

Bucks Model 110 best folding hunting knife has set the pace, the M9 bayonet was sold in thousands to the U.S Army and the KnightHawk model was an extraordinary design. Some of the best Buck Knives are these.

1.Buck Knives 110 Famous Folding Hunting Knife

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I love Buck Knives, but I love the 110 Model Folding Hunting Knife the most. It famous anyway, so wouldn’t? One of the best hunting knives known to the knife industry, the 110 model is a looker.

It is sleek and stylish with many features to enjoy. If you added the Buck 110 Hunting Folding Knife, you will have a razor sharp hunting blade with the famous clip point model.

You can use this 4-inch blade to cut, slice, pierce, or peel at any time. Typically, it’s the 420 High Carbon Stainless Steel blade that gives it the rugged touch for all these extreme uses.

This knife is excellent and comes with top-notch strength, edge orientation, and a stylish corrosion free blade. It is quite safe to use and you can easily trust the lock back technology that has proved ideal for many years now.

Buck 110 Model is an American Icon, one known even more for its Classic Walnut Handle with super cool brass bolster. It has a genuine leather sheath that makes it easy to carry around.

If you are a collector, this is the one blade you don’t want to miss. That’s why I have it; the prestige of it all.

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2. Buck Knives Redpoint Tactical Rescue Knife

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Buck Knives have been known for manufacturing the best folding hunting knives and that’s just it! Well, I chose to show you another rarely known face of Buck Knives; the tactical rescue knives.

It comes with a razor sharp, partially serrated 420 high carbon stainless steel blade with a stylish titanium coating.

The blade is non-reflective but boasts excellent strength and a corrosion free edge orientation. It will provide you with a SafeSpin deployment mechanism that’s easy to operate with one hand without getting in touch with the blade.

The rubberized over-mold handle comes with an all-weather contoured touch that gives you a secure and comfortable grip.

If you love high performance then this knife’s integrated beaker cutter will be very convenient for all emergency situations.

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3. Buck Knives Fixed Blade Bowie with Painted Pony

buck knives

Buck Knives iconic wooden design doesn’t go with the 110 Model alone. It goes for some of the best-fixed blade knives that Buck has designed so don’t be surprised when you see one.

The Fixed Blade Bowie with Painted Pony handle isn’t one of these though but it’s one of the best-fixed blade knives that Buck Knives designs.

Forged from a 440 High Carbon Stainless Steel alloy, the knife’s durability is beyond doubt. You will enjoy its use through rugged conditions and never worry about its blade getting corroded at any time.

This knife has a super tactical design and a stylish painted handle designed for extreme grip power with a solid precision and quality.

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4. Buck Knives General Fixed Blade Knife

buck knives

Like the 110 Model that I have, the General Fixed Blade Knife from Buck Knives offers almost the same qualities to its users.

It has a 7-inch clip point blade that’s forged from a 420 High Carbon Stainless Steel alloy. The blade has a full tang construction and an excellent strength for the most demanding uses.

If you can’t afford the 110 Folding model, this General Fixed Blade Knife will make the best collectible piece to have. The main difference that you will get through is on the handle.

This knife has a luxurious hardwood cocobolo handle with a finger guard. The handle curves a little to provide the palm with a swollen but comfortable grip.

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5. Buck Knives MARKSMAN Tactical Knife

buck knives

The Buck Knives Marksman series is another tactical folder from this iconic brand. It is fairly affordable and one of the best-selling Buck’s designs for people who want a piece of the iconic brand at a relatively low price.

With a blade size of about 4 inches, the 154 CM knife’s Steel blade will deliver an excellent drop point edge orientation that’s super ideal for heavy cutting.

It opens with a flicker and is quite easy to operate on one hand. However, when you first try it out, you are likely to love its SLS locking system the most.

And once you deploy the blade you will get the strength of a fixed blade. This knife is simply awesome.

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If you are a collector you’d want many more knives to bring and keep around. Check out his article and get some of the best folding knives reviews. It’s a great way to start out the knives collection for an outstanding memory. But never forget to have a Buck Knives brand. It’s the one way to make a bold statement when it comes to knives.


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