Founded under the parent company Zippo, “W.R. Case & Sons Cutlery Company” has been in existence for over a century. The company whose headquarters is in Bradford, PA, USA is generally admired for producing high-quality hand-crafted knives in the US.

Mostly known to many knife lovers as Case or Case XX, the company was founded in 1889 with a group of four brothers. It was later incorporated in 1900 and five years later relocated to Bradford, Pennsylvania.

Since then and through the advent of the World War I, the company has manufactured and sold some of the best folding pocket knives and fixed blade knives to the military, rescue personnel, and also normal citizens.

Recently, the company was bought by Zippo Manufacturing Company and has had their products manufactured from the US Steels. Nonetheless, the company has still maintained high-end manufacturing process and much specifically the heat treatment for hardening blades.

In fact, each knife blade that’s manufactured by Case goes through over 160 steps and uses some of the most durable steel alloys including Tru-Sharp Stainless Steel and Chrome Vanadium. The case has also used ATS-34, BG-42, and 154CM steel.

Case knives are specifically loved by collectors since all their blades are stamped with a special marking that can be used to determine the knife’s production date. Because of this, Case enjoys the best knife collections across the world.

Their knives are basically some of the best collectible knives with classic designs in a variety of knives categories including sporting, hunting, and folding knives. Some iconic blades that Case has designed include the trapper, stockman, peanut, and copperhead.

And with over 100 years of experience, Case is indeed the archetype of the best traditional knifing companies in America. Take a look at Case’s top knife designs!

1. Case Trapper Knife

Case Knives

Originally designed for small game trapping, the Trapper Knife from Case is one of the most infamous designs that have given Case its brand name.

It is often equipped with two blades that are great performers. There is usually the clip blade and a rather longer Spey blade.

The knife is lightweight and often allows you to skin small game meat easily. It is also super cool for small tasks and makes up for a compact knife that will fit inside your pocket quite easily.

This type of knife will give you a durable knife blade that’s forged from Chrome Vanadium Steel alloy with an easy to use the non-slip synthetic handle.

There are also quite a number of Case Trapper Knives that also feature Tru-Sharp Surgical blades.

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2. Case Copperhead Folding Knife

Case Knives

The best Case Copperhead folding knifefeatures a genuine handle with a stag antler’s touch. This design is aped to give you the best grip and also a unique design.

The knife will leave you with a Tru-Sharp surgical steel alloy blade that gives you top-notch efficiency during use. Even better, the knife features a clip and pen blade that you can use for both indoor and outdoor activities.

This knife, however, is a classic and would the only suite the collectors best. Its beauty has no match from other Case knives and the appeal of the genuine stag antler’s handle with a golden color is simply off the hook!

I often recommend it for people who love the class, style, and an epic knife design to grace their collection.

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3. Case Stockman Pocket Knife

Case Knives

Like the Trapper, the Case Stockman Knife comes in a Tru-Sharp Stainless Steel Surgical blade designs.

It features a clip blade, sheep foot blade, and a pen blade. This gives the knife an ambidextrous design and will leave you with a high performing knife blade.

Upon buying the Stockman Pocket Knife you will also enjoy a safe roger cron jig blue handle (bone type handle) that makes it easy to operate the knife.

The blend is often striking and for people who want to collect some of the best case knives, the Stockman always makes a great addition.

Pen blade is super ideal for opening emails, while you can use the sheep foot blade as a “hole piercing” punch blade.

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4. Case Peanut Blade Knife

Case Knives

The peanut features a stainless steel Tru-sharp blade and can sometimes come in chrome vanadium steel too.

It has a clip and pen blade like the copperhead design but features a jigged chocolate brown hard synthetic handle.

From my personal experience, I would confidently say that the Peanut is indeed a great EDC knife for many indoor uses.

It is usually a multi-purpose knife that’s equipped with two blades that are supper ideal for light work.

If you want a petite knife that will fit discretely and also conveniently in your pocket, Peanut is the design to go for.

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5. Case Hammerhead Knives

Case Knives

With a ballistic nylon sheath, Case Hammerhead Knife will also feature a stainless steel Tru-Sharp blade with a Liner Lock Mechanism.

It has a sheep foot blade that’s often extraordinary when it comes to piercing, cutting, or peeling. The knife’s liner lock will definitely give you the strength of a fixed blade and its compact size will make up for an easy carry around the house.

When in the pocket, you will hardly notice this knife. The blade has a high carbon steel that gives it an edge among other types of blade.

It is a great blade with a mirror finish that can easily double up for other outdoor activities including hunting and hiking. A good example of the Case Hammerhead Knife is the Case Camo Pocket Knife.

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Types of Blades in Case Knives

Case Knives have some of the most unique knives blades around. Here are some that you should know.

Punch Blades

This one has a needle-like a tip. It is therefore good at piercing holes in leather accessories such as belts, gloves, and watch handles.

Pen Blades

This blade is also good for opening emails and stuck boxes. It can also be used for light cutting across cardboards and twine.

Clip Blades

This blade is the best for prepping food in the kitchen. It can easily cut through veggies, fruits, meat snacks, and cheese.

Spey Blade

From light whittling to marking measurements on wooden cardboards, Spey blade is super cool for an all-around use.

Sheep-Foot Blade

This blade is really a great help when it comes to carving wood. It can also cut through cords, ropes, and is commonly used at sea.


Most Case Knives will come in different sizes. You can get a size that fits your style. Personally, I love the medium Stockman as it’s very efficient and will easily get lost inside my pocket making it easy for me to move around comfortably. Click Here to learn more about pocket knives.


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