Chris Reeve Knives (CRK) is an American Based Knife Company. It was founded by Chris Reeve, a South African-American and his wife Ann Reeve in 1993 in Boise, Idaho. Previously, the company was a sole proprietorship company that manufactured custom knives in South Africa since 1984 before the founder Chris Reeves migrated to America.

Today, the company leads the market in some of the best folding pocket knife and fixed blade knife designs. What sets this brand apart is its dedication to performance, quality, and value for money, and a good old-fashioned work.

Chris Reeve is now one of the world’s most renowned knife makers. In 2015 he was inducted into Blade Magazine Hall of Fame as one of the most influential knife makers in history. Some of his best designs include Inkosi, TiLock, Mnandi, Sebenza, and Green Beret.

If you are looking for a something extraordinary, Chris Reeve Knives (CRK) would be the place to look. You could enjoy a number of fixed blades, hollow handle knives, and the saber type blade. Let’s take a sneak peak at some of the best Chris Reeve Knives.

1. Chris Reeve Large Inkosi Insingo Knife

Chris Reeve Knives

The Large Inkosi Knife (the chief) is probably one of the rarest designs that give Chris Reeve its brand name.

Forged by a handmade craft, the Large Inkosi Insingo is famously known the world over for its versatility, detailed design, and high performance. If you are a knife collector, you don’t want to miss out on this.

There is always so much more to enjoy in the Inkosi. For starters, you have the all unique Insingo blade style, cool grip Titanium handle, and a blade hardness of just about 60 RC – a level offered only by the best folding pocket knives.

If you are looking to make a knifing statement, the Inkosi with its tumble finished drop point blade, stylish ergonomics, 303 stainless steel alloy, and finally the Insingo (Zulu for Razor) blade is your pot of honey.

Trust me you don’t want to miss the Chris Reeve signature in your collection in its customized anodized blue titanium.

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2. Chris Reeve We the People Sebenza 21

Chris Reeve Knives

And right beside the Inkosi sits the iconic Sebenza. A folding blade that depicts the high style handcrafted production level and matched with an anodized blue titanium signature of Chris Reeve to the exterior.

It is the one knife that has earned a worldwide reputation for undisputed performance with a touch of luxury.

The Sebenza 21, for instance, features a tumble finish drop point knife blade, titanium hardware, and a laser engraved “we the people” touch against its handle; and who would resist such a knife? I couldn’t!

The one-touch folding blade is made of S35VN steel alloy with a hardness of about 60RC. Using this blade gives you much more than just a guarantee of quality.

Let’s just say the Large Sebenza 21 is a top performer that any knife lover would want. Plus it has a top design of the best lockable folding knives.

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3. Chris Reeve Umnumzaan Knife

Chris Reeve Knives

And if you can’t quite get your hands on the first two designs, you could make do with the latest entrant from Chris Reeve Knives, the Umnumzaan!

Meaning the Boss in Zulu (South Africa), the Umnumzaan is the perfect definition of respect and dependence. You can trust it to always come through for you in your toughest times. Right from simple household chores to the toughest outdoor activities, The Umnumzaan will be there.

This innovative top folding pocket knife is made of CPM S35VN steel alloy, 6AI4V Titanium Handle, and a stone washed blade. The weight sits at just about 5oz and you will never notice that it’s even there.

Well, the Umnumzaan comes with the strength of the best-fixed blades, thanks to the oversized pivot and ceramic ball that runs between the secure lock bar and the blade.

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4. Chris Reeve Mnandi Knife

Chris Reeve Knives

Chris Reeve Mnandi Knife keeps the fire burning. With its stylish design and a touch of class, it couldn’t mean less than “very nice” just like its name suggests.

This best folding pocket knife with a raindrop Damascus blade would be the perfect addition to a gentleman/ woman that loves knives. The elegance that Mnandi depicts pans out in its burl wood scaled handle and the premium inlays that graces it.

Mnandi is very secure and easy to use. You don’t have to worry about it slipping through your hand. With its integral locking mechanism, it’s definitely a top player. It is easy to carry around and you don’t have to worry about the weight.

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5. Chris Reeve Mountaineer II

Chris Reeve Knives

Finally, if you love to go hiking the Mountaineer II is what you need to get. It is a tactical knife that Reeve designed for the special forces. From small-town scouts, hikers, to the men in green, the Mountaineer II will do the job.

Don’t get stuck out there in the snow when you have such a great companion to help you get through. If you bought this knife, you will not only enjoy a thin and sharp blade but you will have an easy to access hollow handle with a butt cap that unscrews fast.

Additionally, I realized that the knife’s tanto blade is a made out of the durable CPM S35VN steel alloy with a hardness of just about 60 RC. It is the only fixed blade knife I got from Chris Reeve and I highly recommend trying it out – that’s if you are ready to spend!

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How a Folding Knife Works

Every folding knife has a locking technology that prevents the blade from slipping back in once it is drawn. The Sebenza, for instance, uses the Integral Locking mechanism, a stronger design of the folding knives frame lock.

Once you get your knife out, you can locate the switch and press on to it to release the blade. Some knives have no switches so you have to draw them manually. But once open, they will rest on a lock that holds them in place.


It was only after sampling a number of best folding knives that I noticed the Mnandi. Its sleek design was extremely irresistible and I wanted to know the designer. Once I did, I have come to love the Chris Reeve designs the more. It’s a good thing Reeve chose the one way he knows best to preserve his roots.


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