The Dawson Knives Family has been in the knife making business for over four decades now. The family owned company is based in Arizona, USA and is known to design some of the best custom handmade knives for people from all walks of lives.

They have developed some top quality styles and boast of making the real world knives for real people. Straight from design concept to final knife testing, this company is equipped for every step.

The Dawson Knives family is the last breed of the true traditional American craftsmen with a sign to dominate the industry for a very long time. If you need the best huntsman designs, Tanto blades, fixed handlers, to the obsidian blade, you can count on them.

Here are our top five Dawson Knives picks that you can start from:

1. Dawson Knives Widow Maker

Dawson Knives

The Widow Maker (is a fixed blade knife from Dawson’s. It is one of the most appealing combat knives you’d find in the market today. The blade’s finish is awesome and you get to enjoy a viper cerakote touch to spice up the look.

The strength of the blade is undisputable too. With an 80CrV2 high carbon steel alloy, it just about everything you need for a quick slash and self-defense. Even better, you’d have a Kryptec Kydex sheath to carry your knife around.

This is good for hunters, hikers, and other people who love the many outdoor activities that we have today. The handle is made of a Tan Micarta and that shouldn’t worry you as it is one of the strongest materials that you’d find here.

Don’t sweat if you’ve got the Widow Maker in your hand. Unlike many other blades, this one is styled to last and to make one of the best pieces for knife collectors.

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2. Dawson Knives Diamondback 7

Dawson Knives

Another top tactical blade from Dawson’s Knives collection is the DiamondBack 7. This is another cool blade that many people who love hunting would die for. Arguably one of the best fixed blade knives, this one is meant to last.

You get a rugged knife blade made of a 5160 high carbon steel alloy with a plain edge spear pointed blade that’s really perfect for piercing, cutting, and chopping. The blade is serrated and gives the knife the perfect corrosion free touch.

The blade’s black adder cerakote touch is perfect for keeping your knife in shape in moist areas. Nonetheless, it’s the lockable sheath that will steal the show when you finally get to carry your knife out.

If you love a thin sharp blade with a length of about 8 inches and a great handle grip, find the Diamondback 7 from Dowson’s.

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Dawson Knives Scout Damascus

Dawson Knives

A sturdy and one of the best survival knives that you will get today, the Scout Damascus Knife from the famous Dawson Brand is just another great blade that you could grab.

Sitting at just about 9 inches in overall length, the knife gives you the perfect grip on its Micarta 5 inch handle and also a highly dependable drop point blade forged from the rugged Damascus steel alloy.

The blade has a clearkote finish that makes it really easy for you to wash it, maintain it, and keep it safe. One of the reasons why I love this knife is simple; it comes with a lockable sheath that makes it easy to carry around.

If you still doubt how awesome this knife is, buy one and use the thumb coil to get the perfect slice on your next meat. It’s simply perfect.

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4. Dawson Knives Raven Blade

Dawson Knives

Raven Blade is the knife for guys who love the best hunting knife with a touch of a unique tanto blade. Probably, the master of the best tactical fixed blade knives, the Raven promises much more than just color and unique design.

Once you grab it, you will enjoy a Tanto Spear Point Hybrid blade meant for cutting, piercing, chopping, and slicing. The blades material is made out of an 80CrV2 high carbon steel alloy with vanadium – and that’s durability for you!

Even better is the black adder cerakote finish that the blade boasts and the top grip that it’s black Micarta handle provides. Picking one for my collection is the best thing that I ever did.

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5. Dawson Knives Wraith Tanto Blade

Dawson Knives

For people who love the Raven but cannot afford it, the Dawson’s Wraith is the better option. It is almost like the smaller version of the Raven and with a sturdy design, an 80CrV2 high carbon steel alloy with vanadium finish, the similarity is totally undisputable.

However, the blade’s edge is rather a normal tactical tanto and not the hybrid. But that doesn’t make it less fierce. In fact, the knife is still a high performer. If you doubt it, I highly recommend that you give it a try. Just remember to dry it up before putting it back into the black typhon sheath.

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How to Use the Dawson Knives

Designed for a one hand use, you can easily draw and put back your Dawson Knife in its sheath. The knives are also easy to use especially if you got one of your hands busy.

You don’t have to worry about your knife slipping too, hell no! I have tried some of these knives here and believe it or not, they are some of the best fixed blade knives that you can get today. They offer the perfect grip and especially those with the Micarta edge handles.

One thing that you must remember is to keep your knife clean. After using your Dawson knife, it’s important to clean it and wipe it dry before putting it back into the sheath.

Your knife will also need sharpening once it goes blunt due to over use. But that will take time and for a new, it takes so much stress and extreme use to get down there too.


There you have it now, one of the best knife bands that you could go with. Dawson Knives are somewhat pricey, but the quality is really guaranteed. So if you enjoy style, design, and quality in one piece, Dawson’s fits the package.


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