DPx Gear is an exotic pocket knife brand. The name behind these designs is for a renowned author and filmmaker, Robert Young Pelton. Robert’s designs are majorly inspired by his love for adventure.

Before he started to design for DPx Gear, Robert Young Pelton had spent time in over thirty conflict zones across the world and traveled in over 120 countries in search of the best knife blades that his designs carry today.

With DPx Gear, no knife lover can easily run out of ideas. There is always something out there for every preference and also design. Let’s get down to the top designs from the DPx Gear and see what we’ve got for you today.

1. DPx Gear Heft 12

DPx Gear

If you love style combined with versatility and strength, DPx Gear Heft 12 will be your best shot. It is sturdy with a cool design that makes its stainless steel blade stand above the pack. At about 19” in overall length and size you don’t want to second guess this knife when in use.

The 12 inch blade comes in a tanto design that makes it an easy tool to use and clean. You will enjoy how well the stone wash finish makes the blade to glister after cleaning. Nonetheless, there is no need to worry about safety as the black canvas handle made out of Micarta is really firm.

If you are out hiking this knife’s full extended tang with a compound grind blade is exactly what you need. And don’t forget, there is always a Kydex belt sheath to easily carry the knife around.

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2. DPx Gear Hest Folding Knife

DPx Gear

Let me describe this knife in three words, versatile, performer, and durable. The DPx Gear Hest Folding Knife is the knife design you need if you love a quick and easy draw. It is sleek and easily blends into your luggage.

At about 4” inches when closed the knife has a compact size that you will easily fall for. But it is the Urban Frame Lock that you will love the most. It uses a highly effective technology that ensures the knife remains stable when drawn out.

And if you’re the knife lover you probably know by now that style goes together with durability. That’s exactly what the DPx Gear Hest Folding Knife offers in its stone wash CPM S35VN Stainless Steel blade.

The knife is also equipped with a fancy bead blast titanium handle and an easy to use a pocket clip that offers you an easy carriage.

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3. DPx Gear Milspec G10 Handle Knife

DPx Gear

The third DPx Knife Design that you’d love to have is the Milspec G10 Handle Folding Knife. It is a great bargain for every knife lover who wants the DPx Touch but doesn’t want to spend more.

The knife’s blade is extra slim with an overall length of about three inches. However, it’s the titanium frame G10 handle that you will easily fall for. And with its folding technology, carrying the knife around should be a problem at all.

When I first laid eyes on it, I noticed that the blade was forged from durable Sleipner Steel contrary to the D2 steel that many people have previously suggested. The Sleipner Steel gives the knife a better edge retention coupled with high style resistance.

The knife’s blade doesn’t chip easily and has an excellent resistance to wear and tear. The blade enjoys a black TiCN PVD coating that will keep it safe from corrosion and also make it easy to clean.

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4. DPx HEFT Fixed Blade Knife

DPx Gear

For a more affordable option, you can always choose the DPx Gear HEFT Fixed Blade Knife. It is simpler to use because of its fixed blade but very durable and effective too.

The knife has a stonewashed Sleipner Steel blade that’s obviously more resistance to wear and tear and which can easily withstand extreme use. What you’d love most in this knife is its drop point blade that makes it easy to pierce and cut with.

Additionally, the full tang blade is extremely sharp and slim and measures 5mm in thickness. And to make the knife more effective are wire strippers that serve as jimping. Yet one thing that many users have their eyes on is the G10 glass epoxy handle with laminate scaling.

It offers the knife a firm grip and thus making it safer for you to use. And if you love a stylish design this knife’s black finish stainless hybrid handle screws will give you a tweak.

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5. Dpx Heft 6 Woodsman Knife

DPx Gear

Another awesome fixed blade knife from the DPx Brand is the Heft 6 Woodsman Knife.It shares so many features with the DPx HEFT Fixed Blade Knife except that this knife has a sleek wooden handle with a serrated stainless steel blade.

The blade’s hardness is just about 60 RC making it one of the most versatile and durable knife blades that we have today.

The knife, which has a thumb choil at the bottom of the blade and next to the wooden handle, is also forged from the Sleipner Steel that makes it very durable and easy to use. You can almost feel its high performance as you slice through too.

Robert designed this tool for both the indoor users and also hikers, campers, and many other people who love outdoor expeditions. It is the best knife in the sheath and the master of hard expeditions. You can almost rely on it whenever a knife is needed.

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With a simple pocket knife in your hand, you don’t have to worry about the fun hunting time in the summer. Just remember you have a dependable pal in the DPx Gear Knife brands and you could join millions around the world who are currently enjoying the best pocket knife designs from the DPx line.


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