The Randall’s Adventure & Training (RAT) has been the sole manufacturer of the ESEE Knives Brand. The company has been in operation since 1997 and has since then won their way into the hearts of many knife lovers for their exceptional designs in ESEE Knives.

They are known to design very versatile and highly affordable best field knives common only to the military, law enforcement entities, and many other units in the special operations communities.

RAT has now set new heights in the knife blade designs, performance, and compact sheath Everyday Carry Options. In fact, many ESEE Knives have until today been used in many combat zones including Afghanistan and Iraq.

If you are a law enforcing agency that wants to set ideal combat and tactical knife standards, you can always count on the ESEE. You don’t have to spend more. Most of the knives designed by ESEE go for a great bargain always.

Here are some of the best ESEE Knives designs that you can easily go with.

1. ESEE Model 3 RC3P Knife

ESEE Knives

Almost one of the priciest designs by ESEE Knives, the Model 3 RC3P Knife doesn’t come close to some of the most expensive pocket knives that we have seen. But that doesn’t make it less versatile, no!

On the contrary, the ESEE Model 3 Standard Edge knife is a performer. It pays attention to details and has a fine finish that makes it an awesome buy. The product’s blade is forged from a 1095 carbon steel edge blade and comes with a glass beaker pommel.

It is a full tang knife with a lanyard hole to spice up its look. The handles have a touch of black linen on its micarta handles that make it a remarkable knife for new uses. If you don’t love the pricing of this knife then you won’t ignore the great craftsmanship that it possesses.

This is a must-buy item, perfect for a gift or a collector’s library!

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ESEE Knives

Right next to the Model 3 is the ESEE JUNGLAS Knife. Designed for the people who love to spend time hiking, camping, mountaineering, or on many other outdoor activities, the JUNGLAS is a great piece for knife collectors and tacticians.

Pronounced as “Hoonglas” after the Special Colombian Jungla Operations Forces, this knife boasts one of the highest carbon 1095 steel blades with a hardness of about 60 RC. It comes with a black serrated blade with a length of about 10”.

LIf you choose to use it, you will enjoy the all durable sheath plus a firm grip from the gray micarta handle. There are many ESEE JUNGLAS blades to choose from including the venom green blade junglas.

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3. ESEE 5P Tactical Survival Knife

ESEE Knives

Then if you want something much more sturdy and dependable, the ESEE Tactical Knives can almost guarantee this, with the best example being the ESEE 5P Tactical Knife. Usually, these knives have some of the best blades.

They are designed to handle the toughest situations. The ESEE 5, for instance, is a full tang fixed blade knife that’s forged from 1095 high carbon steel alloy with a black powder finish. This gives you a durable and highly resistant knife to wear and tear.

In fact, the knife’s 5 inch blade features a stylish jimping along the edge that will provide you with a dependable grip. You can also stay guaranteed to a safe use with the micarta canvas handle.

I would advise anyone who is using the ESEE 5P to carry the knife in is sheath and to keep it off moist areas as the blade is not dishwasher friendly.

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4. ESEE Knives Izula II

ESEE Knives

While the ESEE Knives designs that you’ve seen guarantees style, performance, and durability, knife users who want a sharp and long lasting knife edge from ESEE are advised to go for the ESEE Knives Izula II.

In this knife, you will enjoy a hard 1095 high carbon steel blade with a flat grind which will give you an excellent edge orientation when you choose to sharpen or use the knife for a rigorous activity.

The edge usually has an epoxy powder coat finish that provides the blade with the best protection against damaging elements such as rust/ corrosion. And like the ESEE-5, the knife will provide you with a comfortable grip on its scaled micarta canvas handle while the polypro sheath is the best for carrying it around.

Choosing the ESEE Knives Izula II is the surest way to a thin sleek blade and a sheath that has an easy to use belt clip blade.

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ESEE Knives

For the best handlers, ESEE knives manufacture the BRK Machete for your use. The ESEE ESLIB BRK Machetehas its design origin from El Salvador and boasts an overall length of just about 14 inches.

With its walnut handle, any one who chooses to use the ESLIB BRK Machete will definitely enjoy a firm grip with a full tang blade that makes their work really fast and easy. And the one part that you will love in this knife is the classic antique cleaver blade with a condor finish.

If you choose to use this machete your knifing needs are actually covered. Don’t worry about how to carry the knife as it comes with a tan nylon sheath for the belt. I really liked it and I had to get it for my collection.

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How to Keep Your ESEE Knife Safe

The best tactical ESEE knives are made from high carbon steel. Carbon steel alloys are not dishwasher friendly, if they sit in water for long they will easily corrode. To keep them safe make sure you hand wash them and dry them immediately.

If your knife goes blind you should sharpen it first before you. Using a blunt knife will dent the blade more and damage the knife’s edge. Overtime, this will leave the blade shipped and uneven in shape.

It is also very important that you keep your ESEE knife in its sheath every time you are done using it. Polymer molded knife sheaths will easily prevent the knife from catching moisture or dirt.


There are very many great knives from ESEE. My favorite is the ESEE ESLIB BRK Machete it is a compact chopper and cleaver blade that’s really easy to use and carry around. You can even use it to cut through grilled turkey!


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