Gerber came into operation as the Gerber Legendary Blades in 1939 and has slowly made its way to the top of the chain. It was a very small outlet of handmade cutlery when it started before it soon launched into a full house with numerous retail outlets across the country that became the most trusted knife brand by 1960 – Gerber Knives.

The company was founded by Joseph R. Gerber and has for over 60 years now continued to research and design some of the best knife blades and tools. It is dedicated to the perfect craftsmanship and greatly bestows its principles to quality, innovative designs, and stylish finishes.

From the 1960s and 50s stainless steel designs, Gerber Knives has taken the necessary steps to improve its knife designs in terms of precision, durability, and weight. The introduction of their open frame clip folding knives has been a great step towards the latest innovative designs.

Today the company is much more than just a knife producing company with numerous lines of survival kits including machetes, flashlights, handsaws, headlamps, multi-tools, and axes. With Gerber, quality is guaranteed as the company offers a lifetime warranty on all its products sold within the US and 25 years on these sold outside the USA.

Choose Gerber Knives for some of the following best fixed, automatic assist, and folding pocket knives.

1. Gerber Emerson Folding Knife: 22-07158

Gerber Knives

For the most rugged and reliable Gerber Knife Design, the Gerber Emerson Folding Knife is the best option for you. Generally, it is a very versatile knife. It can be used for various activities including military activities, survival, hunting, and industrial purposes.

The best part about the knife is its durability. When you have it you will enjoy a 154CM black oxide-coated blade that leaves you with high precision, top class durability, and undisputed edge design.

It is also a fully automated knife with a serrated blade edge that’s usually ideal in keeping rust and corrosion at bay. The handle is forged from 6061-T1 aluminum and the sheath made of a ballistic nylon that makes both of them extremely durable.

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2. Gerber Apple-Gate Serrated Covert Knife

Gerber Knives

For those who want high precision and durability coupled with an affordable pricing, the Apple-Gate Serrated Covert Knifefrom Gerber is generally a great option.

It is a double bevel knife made out of titanium with a spear style blade. Now, this makes the Apple-Gate a highly volatile knife with high precision when it comes to piercing, cutting, slicing, and chopping.

Additionally, the knife also features an uncommon balance and strength due to its 154 CM blade that comes with titanium nitride coating and a patented Roto-Lock for safety. One of the best parts of the knife is also the glass-filled handle (nylon) that gives it a dependable grip during use.

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3. Gerber Propel Knife Blade (AO-420C)

Gerber Knives

With a dark serration and a 420C blade, the Gerber Propel Knife Blade. graces some of the most durable blades produced in this century yet.

It is extremely rugged and is usually very ideal for many outdoor activities including camping, hiking, and hunting. The knife is a lone ranger and can be used without a multi tool. In fact, it is highly dependable on the grip with a G-10 handle.

While using the knife, you will love how the serrated blade makes slicing, cutting, and piercing look so easy. The black oxide serration coating also doubles up as a corrosion resistance touch making the knife extremely versatile and durable.

Finally, this knife also comes with a Gerber Assisted Opening technique that delivers smooth one hand deployment technique and an additional plunge lock for extra safety.

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4. Gerber Gator Fixed Blade Knife

Gerber Knives

This is one of the best fixed blades from Gerber. It comes with a full tang and a fine edge. The premium blade is forged from the superior CMP-S30V steel for the best blade edge orientation and high corrosion and rust resistance.

Using the Gerber Gator Fixed Blade Knife is also awesome. You will enjoy the high stability of the best fixed blade hunting knives with a highly dependable rubberized grip with a gator touch. This is very ideal for any top grip in any condition irrespective of the weather.

This knife has also been recognized as one of the best pocket knives with a semi-mirrored blade apart from the stylish rust protection. You can almost count on it for natural balance and comfort ability and also top Gator Grip Technology.

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5. Gerber Ventura Assisted Opening Knife

Gerber Knives

Many folding pocket knife users are usually fond of the assisted opening technology because it provides a one hand deployment. Yet the Gerber Ventura goes a notch higher by incorporating the F.A.S.T technology that allows the spring assisted blade to pivot on a ball bearing and to open up easily.

Using it also leaves you with an easy to use thumb lock technology that not only provides high stability but also tops safety when the knife is in an open position. This is also coupled with a titanium handle that makes it extremely stable in the hand.

The three and a half inch blade is serrated with an unmatched strength and very secure when carried around as it has a pocket clop.

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Tips on Gerber Knives Handles

The best pocket knives should offer very solid grips during use. This is usually forged from the type of knife handle that the pocket knife has.

If the handle is made of grooves, laces, or rugged touch, it will possibly provide you with a top grip. Nonetheless, some of the best pocket knives handle grips that you can always choose from including the following.

It is also very important that you keep your ESEE knife in its sheath every time you are done using it. Polymer molded knife sheaths will easily prevent the knife from catching moisture or dirt.

  • Micarta Handle
  • G-10 Handles
  • Gator Grip Handle
  • Hardwood Handles
  • Titanium Handles
  • Rubberized Plastic Handle

The type of handle that a knife lover or collector chooses to depend on their preferences and also the type of work that they want to use their knives for.


I have loved the Gerber Knives not only for their versatility but also due to their safe designs and stable grip. As a knife user, I understand the need to keep yourself safe while using, carrying, and holding your knife and such a touch is often the best spring board. Check out this link for more knives reviews.


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