Of the best folding pocket knives brands, Hogue Knives from Paso Robles, CA, USA, is one of the best. The company which was founded by Guy Hogue in late 1968 has been a force to reckon with for some of the most tactical folding knives that we have witnessed today.

Hogue whose inspiration to make some of the most formidable knives was derived from his desire to make an improved handle for his licensed revolver, ventured in knifing industry with the same passion of making some of the very best high end folding knives handles too.

After Hogue walked out of business, he handed over the venture to his son Aaron who partnered with Jim Bruhns the master knife and tool maker to diversify their focus on both folding knives and other multi-purpose tools.

Today, the company has focused more on producing high-quality knife designs and is known for some of the best craftsmanship, innovative designs, and top performance blades. In 2010 Hogue Knives collaborated with the legendary knife designer Allen Elishewitz to produce some of the most infamous blades.

The iconic EX-01 folder was designed during this period and has since set Hogue Knife Brand apart. With a high background of marine-based operations, Allen Elishewitz has been able to design classical knife brands for Hogue.

Hogue Knives

As the youngest entrant in the American Knifemakers Guild (1994), Allen is no doubt one of the best brains Hogue Knives has had the opportunity to work with. Today Hogue has stolen the hearts of many knife lovers and collectors with their “EX” series – a combination of Elishewitz’ iconic designs and the company’s high-end manufacturing process.

Take a look at some of the best Hogue knives that we compiled for you.

1. Hogue Knives EX01 Folder with a Tumble Finish

Hogue Knives

The EX series is what gives Hogue Knives its name. Anyone who wants the best knife from Hogue should look out for the EX series. And among the EXs, if there is a knife worth looking for, it’s the Hogue Knives EX01 Folder with a Tumble Finish.

Made of high quality 154 CM stainless steel alloy with a blade hardness of about 60 RC, the EX01 offers a lifetime warranty for any buyer within the US.

The knife also has an ambidextrous thumb stud and a non-slip handle frame made with the versatile G-10 touch. The best part about this knife is, however, the stainless steel pocket clip and the reversible tanto blade style that gives it a top-notch admiration from knife lovers.

I would also recommend this knife for people who are looking for a stone-tumble finish for a cryogenically treated blade.

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2. Hogue Knives HO34569-BRKWharncliffe Blade

Hogue Knives

Any knife collector or lover, when asked to make a choice of what their best knives are, will always look for a distinctive feature to go with.

In Hogue Knives, that distinctive feature comes from the iconic Hogue Knives HO34569-BRKWharncliffe Blade. The knife not only has one of the most unique design, but it also boasts the top strength of a fixed blade.

At just about 5 inches when closed, it comes with a durable CMP 154 stainless steel alloy blade designed with a Wharncliffe touch for maximum versatility.

That notwithstanding, you will also enjoy a safe non-slip grip from the knife’s aluminum handle that also has a touch of the G-Mascus G10 insert.

Don’t look further than this if you need an epic knife with a fully extended tang to use and a boxed zippered nylon pouch to use.

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3. Hogue Knives EX02 Spear Point Fold

Hogue Knives

The reason I have brought in the EX02 is that of its distinctive features from the EX01. Unlike the EX01 that has a tanto blade; Hogue Knives EX02 Spear Point Folder comes with a highly versatile spear point blade.

However, the blade is made using the same material as the EX01 (154CM stainless steel alloy blade with a hardness of about 60RC).

Apart from the versatile spear point blade, the knife also has a reversible blade with a steel liner locking system equipped with a manual safety black Kote G10 handle frame.

It is often recommended for people who want a flipper with an easy to use folding mechanism. Only use it if you love the black finish on the blade. If not, you can try out the Hogue Knives EX01 Folder with a Tumble Finish.

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4. Hogue X5 Spear Point Blade

Hogue Knives

If asked to make a personal choice, I would easily go for the Hogue X5 4 inch Knife with a Spear Point Blade.

Not only does this folder have an iconic non-slip black-handle, but it also has a stainless steel Liner locking mechanism that gives it the strength of a fixed blade knife.

The knife’s steel alloy blade has also won so much admiration from many knife lovers with its high quality 154 CM steel alloy and a corrosion free tumble finish.

It’s no doubt that the Hogue X5 Spear Point Blade is the knife for you if you want to enjoy a unique aluminum handle with a black groove touch.

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5. Hogue Knives HO35159-BRK Fixed Blade

Hogue Knives

Another blade that boasts of an acute resemblance with one of the knives that I have mentioned here before (HO34569-BRKWharncliffe Blade) is the Hogue Knives HO35159-BRK Fixed Blade.

However, the latter has a highly versatile drop point blade that makes cutting, slicing, peeling, and chopping an extremely easy job.

Upon buying, the knife will leave you with an infamous G10 black handle and a lanyard hole for easy operation. And even better, you can easily count on the 60 RC blade hardness as the blade is cryogenically treated too.

Enjoy a tough A2 steel blade with a 2400 series kote coating and have a stress free knifing experience today. Simply buy the Hogue Knives HO35159-BRK Fixed Blade and have a great hunting, camping, and hiking experience.

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Now you have the best of the Hogue Knives, choose the most suitable Hogue Knives blade and follow this link to make other great choices from other top knives brands. There is always a design that suits your collection from every top brand. Choose the best and have a stress free knifing experience today.


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