The best tactical gears, knives, bags, and accessories have been produced by Maxpedition since 1988 when the company was first founded.

Based in Gardena, CA the company insists on meticulous craftsmanship and the brand boasts of some of the most user-friendly designs. It insists on top quality touch for every product that they manufacture and more importantly on satisfying the needs of their consumers.

It is, therefore, no surprise therefore that the company has been around for close to three decades and has more importantly stolen the hearts of many knife lovers with their brands. The company’s faith to self-improvement has allowed them to stay in touch with the market dynamics.

They have concentrated in a painted design to the science of using hard nylon gear and fabrication in producing some of the best handles and long lasting knives designs sheaths. Their distinctive style and strict ergonomic touch have set them aside. Today Maxpedition is indeed an iconic design for many knife lovers.

The company concentrates on different types of pocket folding knives, fixed blade knives, survival knives, hunting knives, tactical knives, and EDC knives. They have a compact design that many users love and have upheld the best mechanisms for their latest knives model.

From a small workshop that only fabricated hard-use nylon gears for military needs to a huge corporate facility, Maxpedition has undergone a huge change in its mode of operation. They have incorporated new machines, designs, and expanded to bigger fields.

Take a look at some of their best knife blades here.

1. Maxpedition Fishbelly Plain Edge LFSH Knife

Maxpedition Knives

I love this knife. It is the simplest but one of the most versatile fixed blade knives that I have seen in a long time.

The knife’s overall length is at 11 inches making it one of the best tactical knives to use if you want the best outdoor experience.

The knife is very light and your hand won’t tire easily when using it. You can easily go for long periods as the knife weighs approximately 8 ounces.

And the best part is this; the Maxpedition Fishbelly Plain Edge LFSH Knifefeatures a durable D2 steel alloy with high resistance to corrosion and rust. Even better, the blade boasts 60RC hardness which is double tempered from an acute cryogenic treatment.

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2. Maxpedition Short Clip Point MXLSCP-BRK Knife

Maxpedition Knives

For knife lovers, the Short Clip Point MXLSCP-BRK Knifeis another great knife if you want to have a very easy and enjoyable knifing experience

At an overall length of about 11 inches, the knife is not only a looker but also a highly durable chrome plated blade with a sturdy D2 blade to spice it up.

The D2 blade boasts of a bead blast finish which gives it a superior edge orientation for the most extreme uses. It is even better than the blade is double tempered and you will easily enjoy the strength of some of the best-fixed blade knives that we have today.

I usually recommend this knife to people who ward a blade hardness of about 58RC and a top grip from the best knives handles with a lanyard hole.

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3. Maxpedition MXLGEO – BRK Fixed Blade Knife

Maxpedition Knives

Next in line from what we have seen is the Maxpedition MXLGEO – BRK Fixed Blade Knife. This fixed blade knife is indeed a stable and very dependable D2 stainless steel alloy blade for outdoor uses including hunting, hiking, and camping.

Like its sister’s before it, this knife has no major difference except for the blade point. It comes with a highly versatile tanto blade on a 60RC hard bead blasted blade.

The blade is double tempered to make it more durable and versatile for the most extreme jobs and is also treated cryogenically to give it an edge among other normal blades.

Upon buying this knife, you will enjoy an easy to use lanyard hole with a non-slip grooved hard nylon handle.

4. Maxpedition Excelsa D2 Titanium Handle Knife

Maxpedition Knives

Apart from the fixed blade knives that we have seen, Maxpedition offers some of the best folders in the Maxpedition Excelsa D2 Titanium Handle Knife.

The knife gives you a safety and durable Framelock mechanism that leaves you with the strength of a fixed blade knife.

It comes with a D2 steel blade that is extremely versatile and sturdy for the most demanding knife uses.

Like many other Maxpedition blades before it, this blade also boasts a hardness of about 58RC and a clinical cryogenic treatment.

However, it is the knife’s 6AL4V titanium handle that gives it a unique touch and an edge above the remaining knives.

Personally, I love the knife because of its ramped thumb stud that doubles up to give the knife the very best grip.

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5. Maxpedition Ferox Folding Pocket Knife

Maxpedition Knives

Finally, the knife that wraps this up is Maxpedition Ferox Folding Pocket Knife. It is a simple folder with a top design and a versatile blade.

This knife is an extremely durable survival tool with a D2 blade. It is a perfect addition for campers, hikers, and hunters. The knife’s Tim Tang is inspired by some of the best knives blades that we have in the market today.

The knife will leave you with a jet-black steel alloy blade that has an excellent edge orientation for maximum cutting efficiency.

This blade will work better for you since the knife also offers you with a hard nylon handle with ideal fiber reinforcement for the top grip.

The best part of the knife that you will love is the flipper mechanism that gives the knife the top strength of any best-fixed blade knife brand.

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Care Tips for Maxpedition Knives

The D2 stainless steel alloy is a very durable steel that gives knives blades a holding edge. It also equips the knife with a top-notch resistance to rust and corrosion. To keep the blade going for a very long time, we recommend cleaning and drying it after every use and before you store it. You can also keep a thin oil film on the blade to keep the finish.

The D2 blades from Maxpedition come already honed by the manufacturer. We recommend honing the blade at an angle that maintains a constant grain. Always stroke the blade as if you are shaving a thin layer from the honing stone. Work the blade from the heel to the top.

When cleaning, make sure that you apply a small drop of oil along the joints of the knife and clean using a soft rag that has a small amount of oil too. You can also use nail polish to remove the adhesive tape on the knife.

In case you have rust oil on the knife, you can apply oil on the rust spot and allow the knife to sit for the days before carefully scraping off the rust.


I have known Maxpedition to manufacture some of the best survival accessories that we have today. Their knives are no different. If you want the best knifing experience, you should always count on Maxpedition tools. And even better you can Click here to get more knives.


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