If you are a knife collector who is willing to spend then the luxurious knife designs from Medford Knife and Tool will make some of your greatest pieces. Medford Knife and Tool (MKT), was founded in 2010. It is situated in the USA in the state of Arizona.

But unlike many factories that start out as home based businesses, Medford Knife and Tool was founded under the new “Small Factory Industrial Rebirth of America” which means it began with a small but well equipped modern knife making factory complete with CNC and CAD Milling machines.

In fact, when its founder George Medford began production, for his hand crafted tools, he was already equipped with enough machines to roll out in the market. Today MKT is recognized for the production of some of the best tools for severe environments.

It doesn’t really matter which field you are in MKT knives will have your back. You could be in the peaks of the Atlas, 500 ft under the ocean, geared up for law enforcement, or ready to go on a rescue mission; MKT will be a dependable companion to go with.

Here are some other best MKT designs too

1. MKT Praetorian Genesis

Medford Knife

Let’s start out with the MKT Praetorian, a design that gives MKT its brand name. This is a must-have-piece for collectors.

The design is unique and comes with a plain edge tanto blade with a tumbled finish. When shopping for your knife you will easily recognize this knife design with its D2 steel alloy blade and the Coyote G-10 handle.

In overall, the MKT Praetorian is a suitable piece for anyone who can afford it. And sitting slightly below 8 inches in total length, anyone who has used this knife before will agree that it’s really easy to handle and work with.

It is an ideal Everyday Carry Design – Folding Knife known for its excellent thumb notches, top grip, and a 3D milled titanium clip.

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2. MKT Marauder Knife

Medford Knife

Right after the Praetorian is the MKT Marauder Knife. The knife comes with a mean design that taps into the cool strength that its flat grind comes with.

This knife is highly versatile and many users agree that its titanium frame gives it an all customized unique touch. The blade is made of a D2 steel alloy and easily allows you to enjoy high style durability.

In case you haven’t seen it before, you can never go wrong. The knife curves into a fuller groove that doubles to lighten its forward weight.

The blade is slim and measures just about .2mm. This knife derives its name from the WWII where Marauder was known for its brutal force and fire power. If you want a compact knife from MKT, don’t look past this design.

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3. MKT TFF EDC Knife

Medford Knife

Medford Knife and Tool is known for some of the best handmade folding knives designs and the MKT TFF EDC Knife is but an example.

With a versatile blade of about 4” and an overall length of 10 inches, this knife spots a D2 steel blade alloy that allows it to easily withstand extreme use. The blade’s slim size of about 0.19 mm will also give you an easy time when slicing.

What will sweep you off your feet when it comes to the MKT TFF EDC Knife; is its plain edge drop point blade. It’s been found that such blades are easy to use and takes in less energy. The black PVD coating also makes it so durable.

This knife was majorly designed for military and law enforcing personnel but nonetheless has sprawled out to win the hearts of very many knife lovers across the board.

One thing though, this knife can either have a G-10 handle or Titanium Handle with a Ti Lock.

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4. MKT Huntsman Strapper

Medford Knife

Seldom will MKT produce a fixed blade knife, but we have seen such exceptions with a few designs such as the all-purpose MKT Huntsman Strapper. MKT has also had machetes, Tomahawks, and Steel Knuckles.

The MKT Huntsman Strapper, however, is the type of knife that you need for many outdoor activities such as heavy duty hunting, camping, or hiking.

You don’t have to worry about the strength. The knife has a rugged full tang blade with PVD coating on a D2 steel alloy blade.

You will enjoy a good grip on a G10 handle and an optimal performance while cutting. If this knife’s hand crafted design doesn’t get you, then the slim .2mm blade definitely will. Remember, to keep it in the Olive Drab Kydex sheath after use.

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5. MKT Ramp Nose Folder Knife

Medford Knife
Medford Knife

I wanted to choose the Medford Slim Mini Folder for this position but after weighing in, I settled for the MKT Ramp Nose Folder Knife due to its size and tactical design. Nonetheless, both knives are great pieces to have.

Made of the G10 handle design with a Tumbled Ti Lock on the side, the MKT Ramp Nose Folder Knife is much more than just a collector’s piece. It is the knife you want to have in the most dangerous trails and severest conditions.

It is easy to carry around and also to use. The D2 steel alloy that the knife is made from assures you of high style durability and a corrosion free touch from its PVD Coating.

And from its hand crafted pocket clip to the dual sub-hilt handle blade, the knife offers a versatile approach for the most dependable grip. And where the weight, space, and size is a concern the MKT Ramp Nose 187 RMP Folder Knife has no equal.

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Why Medford Knife and Tool Designs?

MKT is known for some of the modern day knife designs. The company was founded most recently and thus combines the old craft and new craft traditions to come up with some of the most realistic knife models in the recent times.

The founder George Medford’s Praetorian design depicts exactly the values that the company stands for in the design and also the production of high quality knives.


MKT has a patriotic design that will not only stand with you all through the mission but might also save your life! Its best model yet is the Praetorian. If you want to spend slightly less and get a great folding knife, MKT is the best place to look.


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