Micro-Tech Knives, popularly known as the MTech Knives is a knifing brand known for its extremely high quality blades ever since its inception in 1994. MTech was founded by Anthony Marfione with the sole intention of making the best knives possible.

Today MTech has done many of knife loves proud. Their results are extremely ideal and have met the USA Knife Manufacturing tolerances. MTech has been able to have a positive impact on the evolution and growth of the best tactical knives blades and so much more.

From the products that I have seen, I can gladly say that MTech has lived up to its commitment to making sure that every knife lover receives the best quality knife for their money. It isn’t of any doubt that MTech’s knives are engineered by experts for the best consumer experience.

Here, let’s take a look at some of the best knife designs from MTech.

1. MTech Marfione Custom Socom Elite


This is one of the latest knife designs from MTech. I am pretty sure very few people have bought this knife. Maybe because it is pricey, but that notwithstanding, the MTech Marfione Custom Socom Elite is probably one of the best designs ever, under this design.

It has a tanto knife blade that gives a unique touch to the knife’s M390 steel blade with a compound grind. And you will love the knife’s thick blade as it gives you a sturdy knife design that can easily withstand extreme use.

The knife also boasts the latest blade and handles prototypes that graced the 2017 blade show. With the MTech Marfione Custom Socom Elite, your knifing needs will be as good as done too.

This best folding knife also gives you a stainless steel pocket clip and a G10 like an engraved handle for a powerful grip.

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2. MTech Sigil MK6 Knife


Another great knife design from Micro-Tech is the Sigil MK6 Knife.A simple knife design with a hollow groove towards the end of the knife blade, the Sigil boasts of an M390 stonewashed steel blade.

However, it is the OD Green handle with a touch of titanium screws that you will love the most as it gives the knife its unique touch. And if you have been around knives long enough, then you will know that the tanto blade that this knife comes with is extremely powerful in piercing and cutting.

It’s no lie, but this folder is one heck of a knife for people who love a simple to maintain blade with the easy technology of use. The knife locks easily and leaves users with a firm and friendly grip that simply makes it stand out.

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3. MTech DOC Folding Pocket Knife


At only 5 inches when drawn, the DOC Folding Pocket Knifebattles for recognition with some of the best folding pocket knives that you’ll see today. With its distinctive manual opener, the knife’s spear pointed blade is sturdy and easy to work with.

Many people have also marveled at how durable and versatile the knife’s S30V stainless steel alloy blade is dependable. Thanks to its oversized textured thumb studs and a fully extended tang.

Even better is the thumb ridge and the titanium sub-lock that gives the knife a cool design. Its blue aluminum handle comes with black traction inserts that simply sweeps you off your feet too.

You just don’t buy this knife, you enjoy it! One thing to note though, this knife comes with various blade types including CPM S35-VN, D2, and 20-CV among others.

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4. MTech Extreme Fixed Blade Bowie


MTech’s Extreme Fixed Blade Bowie designs are some of the latest entrants in the market. And although the knife design is yet to pick up, I looked at its construction and found out what a powerful tool this knife is.

Designed for the ultimate survival, this is a tactical hunting knife that’s best for adventure, hiking, and self-defense. Contrary to what they say, this knife isn’t much of a home user for me. But its ultra-light, ultra-sharp, and durable blade warrants any type of use.

If you are a SOG knife enthusiast you should definitely try out this knife. The knife’s high quality steel blade comes with a non-skid handle design. Indeed you will also enjoy a hardened blade with a 3X carbon infusion that leaves it with the perfect edge orientation.

Remember to put the knife in its sheath before stashing it inside your bag for your next adventure!

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5. MTech MT-Series Fixed Blade Hunting Knife


Lastly, we will look at one of the cheapest folding knives designs from MTech but still one of the best performers. In fact, it is almost the bestselling design from MTech, the MTech MT-Series Fixed Blade Hunting Knife.

Designed for ideal camping, hiking, and survival expeditions; this knife boats a black stainless steel blade that comes with a neatly oriented edge. It has a 3mm thickness with a blade size of about 7 inches.

You can almost feel safe and secure with this knife hanging right from the sheath along your belt. If you want a versatile hunting knife with a fixed blade, try out the MTech MT-Series Fixed Blade Hunting Knife from the cheap knives.

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Micro-Tech Very Specieal Knife

Micro-Tech Knives
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Additional Facts about Micro-Tech Knives

Micro-Tech was founded in Florida at Vero Beach. They operated here for over 10 years before setting sail to Bradford, Pennsylvania in 2005 and later on to North Caroline in 2009.

The company is known for some of the best automatic knives that we have in the market today. Some of its most popular designs have included the OTF and Double Action Automatics (best cheap knives).


You don’t want to write this brand off especially for people who love the cheap folding pocket knives designs. They forge some of the most powerful tools that any knife lover would easily die for. Choosing an MTech blade is easy and requires only the best Micro-Tech Knives reviews that you can find.


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