Ontario Knives has been in operation for over four decades. It is based in America and has been in operation since the early 1940s. The company features some of the finest American made tactical and combat knives. Indeed, the company has been a major supplier to the U.S. Armed Forces and also the common market.

The company is known to manufacture some of the best-edged products including ranger knives and bayonets. More importantly, the company has consistently come up with many creative knife designs and incorporated a cutting-edge technology for the best products.

Apart from that, Ontario Knives is known to design a variety of knives. Most people with various tastes in knives can, therefore, look for this company. Some of their top knife categories include big bowie knives, machetes, best tactical folding knives, and combat knives.

Here are some of the top knives from Ontario Knives that compiled for you.

1. Ontario Tanto Blade 1948 OKC – 10 Bayonet

Ontario Knives

The OKC-10 Tanto Blade“Bayonet” is one of Ontario’s best knife designs. The knife is designed to be tough and highly reliable. Once you choose it, you will be mesmerized by its outstanding quality and performance.

Its durability is also unquestionable. Forged from a 420 high carbon steel alloy, the blade is designed to withstand high rate of use and other natural elements such as rust that may try to damage it or reduce its performance.

The knife is very portable and once you have it you will enjoy a 7.5 plain edge blade and an open length of about 12.5 inches. This makes the knife really easy to operate. While the weight of about 14 ounces makes it quite portable.

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2. Ontario Apache 8720 OKC Knife – TAC 1

Ontario Knives

Apart from the bayonet comes the Apache. This is another great knife design from Ontario Knives. It falls among the best tactical knives that Ontario has produced and is designed to become the best tactical knife on the market today.

The design is inspired by a collaboration of high style knifing experience and has been of service to the Armed forces for quite some time now.

Made with a thumb-stud for quick one hand opening, if you choose to buy 8720 OKC Apache, you will have some of the best tactical knife experience ever. The blade is highly durable with a hardness of about 60 HCR.

or easy movement, the knife offers a tip-down pocket clip, 3.5-inch blade, and 3.6 ounces of weight. The knife is made of a 440 C stainless steel.

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3. Ontario Ranger RD 9468BM Knife (Tanto)

Ontario Knives

Next to these two that we have seen is the Ranger Knife. This is another one from Ontario’s and is by far a great performer. With a 7-inch black powder coated high performing blade, the Ranger RD 9468BM is a great addition to most knife lovers.

It is highly durable and will present you with an extra thick tanto blade made of 5160 carbon steel. The knife is also easy to use. It has an extended lanyard slot and an awesome pry bar. Its non-reflective finish is highly rust resistant too.

So be sure to see your knife around for a very long time. In fact, you don’t have to worry about carrying it around. The Ranger RD 9468BM comes with a great sheath and a paper like weight too.

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4. Ontario Marine Raider Bowie

Ontario Knives

If there is a knife design that Ontario has been known for, the Bowie takes the center stage. The SP 10 Marine Raider Bowie is a very good example of the best tactical knives from Ontario. It has an overall length of about 15 inches and appeals to so many knife lovers because of its design.

Equipped with a full tang 9.75-inch blade, the SP 10 is designed with 1095 carbon steel with a powdered coating that makes it highly durable. For those who have used it, the SP 10’s .250 inch thick blade makes cutting and piercing to look so easy.

Some of the best features of the bowie knife that you will also enjoy are a Kraton handle, Cordura sheath, and a blade hardness of about 59 HRC.

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5. Ontario 1776 Cerberus Knife

Ontario Knives

To wrap up our top five is the Cerberus. The 1776 Cerberus Knife from Ontario is a good example to go with. Designed with titanium handle and a D2 steel blade, the Cerberus is actually a collector’s piece.

If you love quality, durability, and style, Ontario’s Cerberus will be a perfect fit too. The heavy-duty titanium frame lock makes it a brand to reckon with and a knife design that steals the show. It is an instant folder with a one hand switch system.

You don’t have to worry about the weight as the item weighs way below 6 ounces. It is easy to handle and is by far one of the best folding knives that you will find on the market today.

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Top 3 Things You Should Know About Ontario Knives

#1 Ontario Knives was founded in 1889 and has operated for over 100 years. They are situated in New York State in the Southern Tier, Ontario.

#2 Ontario Knives has been the major supplier of the U.S. Military knives. Some of the best products that it has supplied include USAF Survival Knife, M7 Bayonet, and M1942 Machete.

#3 Ontario Knives also produces some of the best commercial knives. The commercial knifing line is branded the Spec-Plus Series (SP).

Why Are Ontario Knives the Best for You?

You may have seen that Ontario Knives feature some of the best military blades. That’s not all. It also has some great household designs.

The reasons why you should buy an Ontario knife are many. Ontario offers updated handle and sheath designs, awesome military blade designs such as in tanto, and some of its knives even have metal hilts – you don’t want to miss out on this.


For knife lovers, a little military touch is an awesome piece to boast, and if you want something out of the ordinary, what would be better than a metal hilt? You can have your first Ontario knife here and enjoy a perfect bargain.


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