When you hear about Viper Knives, the first thing that runs through your mind is sports. This knifing company has been one of the best sporting knives manufacturers. It’s been in operation since 1987 and is known for the most outstanding quality when it comes to finding the best knives for sports.

The knifing company, whose main base of operation is in Maniago, Italy is known to blend the old-fashioned designs with the high tech modern knife manufacturing process, to come up with the perfect fit and an excellent finish for their handmade products.

If you purchase Viper Knives you’re most definitely going to be impressed by their attention to detail and the knife making a craft that they bring.

Right now, Viper Knives is known for some of the best tactical folding knives that you can get and we are proud to give you the best selection of top Viper Knives designs.

1. Viper V5850 CV Start Lockback

Viper Knives

I own one of these, and this piece is simply gorgeous. The Start Lockback knives from viper have the best handmade quality, and if you have a keen eye for details, you will definitely enjoy this.

When I first got it, I wasn’t expecting much. But it’s thin and stylish Bohler N690Co steel alloy blade gave it a sharp finish and a super balance that swept me off my feet. The wedge grind and dual thumb studs also gave it a stable rest.

Most of all I loved its green handle that was made of micarta; and if you love a stainless steel pocket clip to hold your folding knife in place, you must try the Viper V5850 CV. Let me say though, I am yet to see how the blade holds out after numerous sharpening.

And about its Lockback technology, there is nothing to worry about. The knife is stable and safe during use and works as smooth as you’d want it to be. If you don’t like the Micarta handle you can try out the Viper 5840 CB Knives.

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2. Viper Mag G-10 Tactical Folding Knife

Viper Knives

Folding knives with the G-10 Handles is another top group of tactical knives from Viper. You can almost count on them to last a lifetime and to always provide you with the perfect grip if you own them.

More specifically, the Maga Mixed G-10 sets the pace for all the knives in this group. With a unique handmade touch, it is designed with a stylish re-curve blade forged from the N690Co stainless steel.

The knife has a grooved thumb pull, a lashing hole and an extended tang that makes it very versatile. Even better, it has a compact size that allows it to sit pretty in the pocket; you won’t even notice it.

History has it that it was designed by a martial arts teacher “Krav Maga” for the Israeli Army; and indeed if you love knives, you will appreciate the work that he did. Right now, Viper produces this knife with a hardened 60HRc Steel and a stainless steel pocket clip.

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3. Viper Odino V5916-FC with N690 Satin Carbon

Viper Knives

Apart from the Lockback Knives, Viper also manufactures the Odino Frame Lock Knives and the V5916-FC Odino is probably one of the best.

Well, I haven’t used one before, but plenty of best folding knives reviews that I have read point to this knife’s versatility and undisputed performance. It is durable and forged from the high tech N690 Satin Carbon.

Additionally, the knife has a satin finish with a steel clip pointed blade. It also has a thumb slot and you will enjoy a solid grip if you chose to use it. The knife has a matte finish on the back handle and one that gives it a unique touch.

It has a reversible pocket clip and sits at just about 4 inches when closed. And if you don’t love the Satin Carbon, there is always a Satin TiNi option for you.

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4. Viper Maga V5910FC Carbon Fiber Knife

Viper Knives

The Viper Maga V5910FCis closer to the Mag G-10 Viper knife. They have the same features except for the handle. Viper Maga V5910FC has a handle made out of carbon fiber but still maintains the finger choil.

And for the remaining features, the knife has a liner lock that opens smoothly and holds the knife easily in place. The handle feels good if the knife is held and you will definitely appreciate the use of the choil if the knife is in open position.

The blade is hardened to about 60 HRC making it extremely versatile. This folding tactical knife is really remarkable. In fact for people who want a folding knife that doubles up as a hunting knife, I would suggest that you try out this Viper knife.

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What Sets Viper Knives Apart?

There are a number of things that will make Viper Knives stand out. But apart from ease of use, style of design, and durability, other ideal factors will include the following:


Viper knives are handmade knives. This means that they are detailed and have some of the best qualities – the more reason they are a little pricey than many other knife brands.


Another thing that sets the Viper Knives apart is their re-curve blade. It is very stylish and makes the knife extremely appealing to many people who come around to purchase.


I’m glad I own one viper knife for my best tactical knives collection, you can own one too. Typically, these knives are great performers and with good care, they should last a lifetime. Start your knifing journey here and make a memorable experience out of it.


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