For over 15 years, WE Knife has been producing some of the best fixed, folding, and hunting pocket knives for the Asian market and more specifically the Chinese market. Situated in Guangdong, China, WE Knife has concentrated more on mid to high-end knife designs by focusing more on the high technology during production.

Their products are known for high precision and more specifically top efficiency. Founded in late 1999, WE Knife opened its door as a top-notch knife and tool manufacturing company that instantly won over the Asian market.

They have since enjoyed a high success streak that has allowed them to expand into one of the largest knives production plant in China.

In line with this success, WE Knife decided to enter the US market in the early 2014 and are yet to make their impact here. Irrespective of that, the company has remained steadfast to their commitment to designing high-quality knives and has had some of the most terrific knives designs in the market today including the 601 – 608 flipper lines.

Right now the company is the only notable one from the Asian market apart from other Chinese knife brands such as Rike and Stedman. It has faced competition from some of the best contemporary knives designs including Benchmade, Kershaw, and Spyderco.

Here are the classical knives designs from the infamous WE Knife Inc.

1. WE Knife White Grind Handle Folder

WE Knives

Possibly one of the priciest folding pocket knives from WE Knives, the White Grind Handle folder has an aura of style, quality, and class!

At an impressive length of 7 inches when opened, this knife comes with an extremely versatile compact blade forged from durable CMP-S 35 VN stainless steel blade.

It is a drop point plain edge blade that will easily save your life if caught in a near-death trap. The knife has an excellent Black Ti handle that’s not only big enough for a powerful grip but also thick with under the handle contours for a solid grasp.

Don’t look so far for a knife with an easy to operate flipper, the WE Knife White Grind Handle Folding Knife offers just that plus a tip-up clip for a safe pocket carriage.

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2. WE Knife Dragon Scale Pocket Knife

WE Knives

Unlike the White Grind Handle Folder, this knife is not quite the stylish type but it will easily make a great collectible for your gallery.

It is ideally the best knife if you are looking for a solid grip with a dragon-like a scaled handle. Even better, the knife will leave you with an extremely durable strength from its S35VN stainless steel alloy blade.

If you are looking for a great knife with an extended tanto blade from WE Knives, I would suggest going with the WE Knife Dragon Scale Pocket Knife.

Personally, I love this knife because of its versatile tanto blade with a black satin finish and the hard zippered durable pouch used for easy carriage.

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3. WE Knife BLK Folder with G10 Stonewashed Handle

WE Knives

Apart from these two WE Knives that we have seen, another great design from this top knife brand is the WE Knife BLK Folder with G10 Stonewashed Handle.

It is an almost simple design that seems to imitate the White Grind Handle Folder from afar. The knife offers a G-10 handle design with a solid grip of the dragon scaled folder.

Indeed, many people who have used this knife before will tell you that the G10 handle works so well with the D2 blade to give you the perfect cut, slice, or peel. This knife can instantly guarantee you the efficiency of a full tang blade.

Nonetheless, if you choose to use it get rest assured that you’d enjoy a highly versatile tanto blade with a durable zippered pouch to carry your knife around.

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4. WE Knife WE617C-G10 Green Handle

WE Knives

In my own words, the WE Knife WE617C-G10 Green Handle is a distinctive knife design that’s forged from very high-quality materials.

If you want a looker from WE this knife captivates with all its features. The durable D2 steel graces the knife’s blade with a beauty that will amaze you. The same applies to the unique Green L G10 handle that the knife adorns.

From high durability to a solid grip from the G10 handle, using this knife is really enjoyable as the knife’s extended tang boosts the knife’s efficiency and the lanyard hole makes it easy to firmly and safely hold the knife when piercing, cutting, slicing, or sawing through.

And if you are wondering what more to enjoy from this best pocket knife, you can count on the corrosion free black satin finish on the blade, a pocket clip for safe carriage, and a zippered nylon pouch for safe keeping.

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5. WE Knife G10 Handle 617F Folder

WE Knives

Finally amongst the top five WE knife designs, we have the WE Knife G10 Handle 617F Folder. This is a knife with a smooth design that will easily draw you from afar.

It has a well oriented plain edge blade forged from the solid D2 steel. Because of this, the knife will leave you with high style durability. Even better, the knife boasts the infamous G10 handle known to provide the best folding knives with a solid grip.

If you love a knife that has these distinctive features, you can easily count on the WE Knife G10 Handle Tan Folder and also enjoy an easy to use tip-up pocket carriage clip and a flipper that makes the knife really easy to use.

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Of some of the best styles, designs, and harpooned D2 blades, WE knives are a brand to reckon with. Personally, I fell in love with the WE Knife WE617C-G10 Green Handle the very first time I saw it. You can also make your best We knife pick or get some of the best knife brands to start you off if you click this link! Always choose a knife that suits your style and knifing needs.


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