Wenger is another Swiss-based company that manufactures Wenger Swiss Army Knives. The other is the Victorinox. Wenger is based in Delemont and for a long time operated independently. However, in 2005, Wenger’s main rival Victorinox Swiss Army Knives Company acquired the firm’s infrastructure and brand.

Today all Wenger Knives Designs are integrated into the Victorinox brand as the “Delemont Collection” while “Wenger” as a brand name has been maintained for watches and other licensed products.

Irrespective of that, I chose to tell you about Wenger because of this one simple reason: the brand has contributed more to the current EDC knife designs that we enjoy today. The brand also has a rich history that every knife lover and collector would like to know.

It was founded in 1893 in the Delemont Valley, Switzerland as a cutlery firm. Wenger was to later grow into a household name and acquire the license to produce Swiss Army Blades in 1908.

However, after the 9/11 attack, most travel companies including airlines prohibited carrying of EDC knives. This decision really hurt Wenger.

The company recorded high diminished sales rates of their Swiss Army Knives in duty-free shops. This crisis forced Wenger to share equity with Victorinox in order to maintain their line of production.

Now Wenger knives are put out as the “Genuine Swiss Army Knives” with Victorinox taking the “Original Swiss Army Knives” tag. Here are some of the top Wenger Knives that I compiled for you.

1. Wenger Giant 16999 Swiss Army Knife

Wenger Swiss Army

The “Giant” is exactly what its name says it is – a Giant! I had to start out with this. Think of this knife like this – the complete multi-tool of the century.

With over 80 implements and 140 plus functionalities, this knife is the perfect collector’s piece. It is also the complete tool for any job that you need to be done.

I can’t name them all. But the Wenger Giant 16999 Swiss Army Knife is just the tool that comprises knifing, sawing, bottle top opener’s, nail cutters, tweezer, toothpick, awl, and many more; the ultimate survival package for any solder, hiker, law enforcer, rescue team, and any outdoor activity lover.

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2. Wenger Swiss Army Tool Chest

Wenger Swiss Army

I’d love to keep the Wenger Swiss Army Tool Chest right after the Giant for its ability to provide the most essential survival tools.

With over 18 implements, this top-notch tactical survival tool has some of the best functionalities too. You will enjoy the use of adjustable pliers, universal wrench, wire cutter, metallic saw, and above all a highly dependable compass for easy navigation.

Nonetheless, this design has established itself as a top brand due to its 2.5-inch stainless steel locking blade. Many people love this top pocket folding blade for its utmost precision and versatility.

But if you wanted a cap lifter or a wire stripper, the Wenger Swiss Army Tool Chest would still comfortably stem in for you.

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3. Wenger Blackout Ranger Grip Folding Knife

Wenger Swiss Army

The Blackout Ranger Grip Folding Knife from Wenger is for people who don’t want too many functions in their folding pocket knife but a rather precise too. The knife has a folding mechanism that sets it apart.

To start you off is a simple to use a folding blade with a highly dependable liner lock system. You won’t also need to worry about the grip as the knife has a ranger grip handle usually known for their tough grips and firm texture.

It has a black PVC coating that withstands any type of corrosive damages and a folding corkscrew on the upper side of the handle that gives it the patented look.

As simple as this folding knife’s design may be, it is one of the most versatile knives ever manufactured in Switzerland.

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4. Wenger Evolution Lock Series Multi-Tool

Wenger Swiss Army

Wenger Evolution Lock Series Multi-Tool is another versatile EDC multi-tool for anyone who loves outdoor activities.

It has just about 12 implements and over 18 functionalities. However, the only reason many people love this knife is its safe evolution lock; the main function that also gives the multi-tool its name.

Yet if all you need is a great multi-tool, then apart from the 2.5-inch stainless steel blade, you will also love the locking wire stripper, can opener, screwdriver, cap lifter, and a spring-less pair of scissors.

You can always use the Wenger 16822 Evolution Lock S Multi-Tool for a great and affordable start.

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5. Wenger Matterhorn Swiss Army Knife

Wenger Swiss Army

Another simple but quite versatile multi-tool from Wenger is the Wenger Matterhorn Swiss Army Knife.

Buying this multi-tool offers you over 11 implements with awesome 14 functions. The multi-tools 2.5-inch blade is over 60% serrated and will guarantee high durability with top class performance.

Even better, you will enjoy a clip pointed utility folding knife blade that makes this multitool quite efficient where precision cutting and chopping is required.

The other functionalities that you will also enjoy from the Matterhorn Swiss Army Knife include carabiner clip, screwdriver, cap lifter, and can opener, toothpick, and tweezer.

Don’t worry about the knife’s weight: it is light and no-brainer to use. No wonder Swiss Army rates it as one of the best folding pocket knives.

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Additional Must Know Knife Tips

  • The best folding pocket knives should be easy to carry around. That’s why many designs of these pocket knives often come with carrying on sheaths.
  • However, knives will come with sharp edges when new. After a long use though, knives usually lose their sharpness and may turn blunt. To keep your knife sharp it is very important to create a sharpening routine for the knife
  • There are very specific ways in which knives should be used. You can either use them for piercing, cutting, carving, or chopping. The other uses are often secondary to these.
  • Sharp knives are easy to use and require less or no energy to pierce, cut through, or if chopping. This is very good. However, such knives should be handled with a lot of care.


If you want to learn more on what knives Victorinox has produced since taking over Wenger Knives, click here. Irrespective of that, Wenger’s contribution to the modern day knife designs is indeed revolutionary and one that’s worth celebrating.


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